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Data Collectors

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Survey data collector systems

Why buy from Bench Mark?

When you’re in the field, you need equipment that can keep up and withstand the pressures of the environment. At Bench Mark, we carry Juniper Systems data collectors that are IP68 rated, so they’ll perform no matter where you are. In addition to being functional, rugged, and durable, you also need a system that is compatible with your existing hardware and software. The Juniper handheld integrates with your choice of software and works with all other survey instruments, including robotic total stations, GNSS RTK units, and others. Data collectors from Juniper are also capable of continuous backups through built-in USB ports and micro and SD card slots. If your data collector crashes, Bench Mark will work with you to recover the data and help you transition to a replacement. We also stock replacement parts and accessories for all of our survey data collector devices, and our technicians have extensive training in the use and repair of all survey and GNSS equipment. You can trust Bench Mark to maximize the life of your data collector systems.


Different surveyors need different features in their data collectors. The Juniper Mesa2 has all the features surveyors need on a day to day basis, such as a full Windows 10 operating system, as well as some additional features that make a surveyor’s life much easier. These “nice to haves” include a hardened gorilla glass 7” capacitive touch screen (no more screen protectors) with a Juniper’s IllumiView technology for viewing in bright sunlight.

Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies carries all current Juniper Systems data collectors. These are the Juniper Mesa2, Archer 3, and Allegro 3. All of these data collectors can come stand alone or with your choice of software.

A data collector is an integral part of the surveyor’s tool kit. Essential for GNSS surveying, the data collector configures your GNSS equipment and stores your data. With a robotic total station, the data collector allows you to operate your equipment with a one-man crew. With a standard total station, your data collector includes advanced features which greatly simplify the surveying process.

Data collectors for designed for surveying

Everything you need to know

The Juniper Mesa3 continues a long-standing tradition of durability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The Mesa3 builds on the success of the Juniper Mesa series with both new and old features to make for the most user-friendly and functional survey data collector on the market. This tool includes 10-hour battery life, sun-to-shade IllumiView display, and a full-sized 7” screen for easy use in the field. The Mesa3 is the new benchmark in data collection; featuring all the best features of previous data collection devices, including the Juniper Allegro. Integrated with your choice of software, the Mesa3 data collector is easily expandable and upgradeable, allowing it to meet every challenge you throw its way. Featuring Bench-Mark’s leading support and Juniper System’s legendary ruggedness, the Juniper Mesa3 is one of the most capable data collectors available.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment

Surveyor data collector systems

Additional products

Bench Mark also offers the Juniper CT8X2 and R60 data collectors. These are our more budget-conscious option, rather than running Windows, it is an Android data collector. Both data collectors can run the Android version of FieldGenius and are fully capable of GNSS surveying. Rated to IP67, the R60 includes a number pad and 5-megapixel digital camera. The R60 and CT8X2 are Ruggedized Android handheld meant for users who are looking to step away from Windows Mobile woes.