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External Radios

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External radio systems

Why buy from Bench Mark?

When you buy an external radio from Bench Mark, you’ll receive access to our expert care and support. We carry any accessories you’ll need for our radios, including 12-volt deep cycle battery kits and radio antenna tripods. As professional engineers, we take pride in delivering a quality product to help you complete every job safely and effectively. We offer support guides for equipment operations and extensive training to assist you with troubleshooting in the event of an issue or malfunction. Take full advantage of our external radios by integrating it with the Hemisphere S631 RTK GPS & GNSS system. At Bench Mark, we set the mark for quality products and outstanding service, support, and education. Browse our products online today or take advantage of our impressive library of configuration support and product info.


Real-Time Kinematic surveying relies on a live data-link between the two receivers. Modern GNSS receivers have an integrated radio to provide this link at a broadcast power of one to two watts. By connecting an external radio data-link, like the Harxon HX-DU8608D, your survey range can go from a 3-4 km radius to a 35 km radius.

A base booster radio is a cost-effective method of broadening your survey reach. When paired with an antenna tripod, your reach can extend up to 35 km from your base. Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies has new and used stock available with prices varying accordingly.

An external base radio can also function as a repeater radio. A repeater radio receives the corrections broadcast by the base on its internal radio and re-broadcasts them. This allows you to extend the reach of your RTK corrections into dead zones in your survey area.

Surveyors choice external radios

Everything you need to know

At Bench Mark, we are proud to carry products from Pacific Crest and Harxon, two of the leading brands for land surveying radios. In addition to various accessories and antennas, we are pleased to supply the absolute frontrunner in radio equipment, the Harxon HX-DU8608D. While other radios lack adequate wattage and range to cover long distances and uneven terrain, the HX-DU8608D has high and low programmable settings and can broadcast from virtually anywhere with a range of more than 40 km. Whether you’re working in a ditch or over long distances, the HX-DU8608D will save you from wasting time at a job site. Programmable with up to 8 frequencies, you’ll never have to worry about interference or feedback. Get the very best surveying equipment from Bench Mark.

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More about the Harxon RTK repeater

The benefits of Harxon

There are so many advantages to working with the Harxon family of external radios from Bench Mark. Not only does it feature intuitive and user-friendly interfacing, allowing you to change your frequency on-site, but it is also made to withstand the demands of the job and the obstacles of any job site. Rated an IP67 for exposure to water and dust, Harxon radios are submergible in up to 1 meter of water. If you are working in a dead zone, the combination of the Hemisphere S631 GNSS RTK Receiver and Harxon base radio can extend your range. The Harxon is backwards compatible with all existing Pacific Crest radios, most Trimble radios, and may be configured for use as a Base Radio with most GNSS Survey Receivers on the market today. For more information about our products or to request a quote, give the experts at Bench Mark a call.