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Survey Software

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Survey Software

Why buy from Bench Mark?

Here at Bench-Mark, our extensive expertise spans across all types of survey software packages, from desktop drafting to field surveying and GIS software. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your equipment.

At Bench-Mark, we proudly feature MicroSurvey’s premier software solutions, including FieldGenius and FieldGenius for Android. FieldGenius stands as a time-tested surveying software, reigning as one of the most sought-after packages in the industry for over two decades. Its user-friendly interface, streamlined code-line functionality, and an inclusive, brand-neutral driver policy empower you to leverage your existing equipment with ease and precision.

Moreover, MicroSurvey’s MSCAD integrates perfectly with FieldGenius, allowing for the direct import of your projects into your MSCAD package.

Our dedicated team at Bench-Mark is committed to understanding your individual needs. Whether you’re exploring software options for land surveying, civil engineering, seismic analysis, or any other field, our experts are here to guide you toward the ideal software solution. We believe in forging partnerships that empower you with the right tools to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

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Surveyor software varies, but some crucial features to consider are robust data collection capabilities, compatibility with surveying equipment, CAD integration, GIS functionalities, and the ability to handle different survey types (topographic, boundary, construction, etc.).

Accuracy is paramount in land surveying. Software achieves this through advanced algorithms, real-time error correction, precise instrument integration, and methods like differential correction for GPS data to minimize errors and ensure reliable measurements.

Compatibility between software and hardware is crucial. Surveying software should support various file formats, allowing seamless data transfer between different software packages and instruments used in the field. FieldGenius is on of the few surveying packages that supports many different brands including: Hemisphere, Leica, Topcon and more.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Navigating a new software can feel overwhelming, but fear not—we’ve designed the Bench-Mark Survey Academy precisely for this purpose. It’s your personalized learning space, allowing you to master the software at your own pace. With a library boasting over 15 hours of content, you have the flexibility to access it whenever suits you best, making learning new skills a breeze. Surprisingly, getting started takes just 20 minutes.

Forget about adapting to someone else’s style—our platform’s user-friendly layout empowers you to explore workflows that align with your preferences. And if you’re in search of something particular, our team stands ready to craft a customized guide tailored specifically to your needs. At Bench-Mark, we’re dedicated to making your software learning experience as seamless and personalized as possible.

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Additional products

FieldGenius stands as a beacon in the realm of surveying software, boasting an impressive legacy of over two decades as one of the industry’s most trusted solutions. Its foremost selling point lies in its unparalleled adaptability. With FieldGenius, users aren’t confined by limitations; instead, they revel in a platform designed to seamlessly integrate with an extensive range of surveying equipment. This compatibility, coupled with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use functionalities, ensures that users can leverage their existing tools effortlessly, thereby streamlining workflows and enhancing overall efficiency in the field.

Moreover, FieldGenius sets itself apart through its commitment to user empowerment. The software’s easy code-line work and brand-neutral driver policy grant surveyors the freedom to work with the instruments they’re familiar with and prefer, minimizing the learning curve. This dedication to user convenience, coupled with its robust features tailored for precision and accuracy, solidifies FieldGenius’s position as the go-to choice for professionals seeking a reliable, adaptable, and user-centric surveying software solution.