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Bench Mark US - Surveying equipment - Base Radio Kit Harxon

Harxon external radios

Harxon radios and the Bench Mark advantage

Harxon is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that designs and manufactures ultra-reliable wireless modems. They have developed a full suite of external radios ranging from portable 2W rover boosters to 35W base boosters and repeaters. Harxon has built their brand on providing modems that can stand both the test of time and the environment, and it shows. When we send Harxon radios to our customers, we can send them with the confidence that they will perform and get you the results you need.

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When used on the maximum power setting, you can see up to a 35km from your Harxon radio. However, the higher power you use the radio on, the higher the battery consumption. Keep this in mind when planning your job.

All of our external radios are preprogrammed before they are shipped. All of our external radios are ready to use straight out of the box. Simply follow our included cheat sheet to ensure that everything works perfectly.

The Harxon radios can run in TrimTalk, Satel, Transparent, and Huace protocols. This means that they can work with the vast majority of GNSS receivers on the market. Talk to a member of our sales team to ensure that your equipment will work with the radio you are looking at.

Harxon - radios designed for surveyors

Go long with Harxon

If you’re looking for range in a rugged environment, the Harxon HX-DU8608D is the base radio you. Designed to IP67 standard, the HX-DU8608D can stand up to the elements for as long as you need it to to get the job done. With preprogrammed high and low power modes, the HX-DU8608D can be dialed up when you need to go far, and dialed down when you are close, helping your battery last as long as you need it to. So whether you need a range booster for your RTK system, or a permanent base station, the HX-DU8608D will deliver on your needs.

Bench Mark US - rtk system - equipment engineer

Harxon Radios

Chose the affordable option

For over 15 years, we have provided the land surveying industry with top of the line equipment at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in helping our customers achieve the best they can. The relationships we have built our customers are what we rely on. When you buy equipment from us, we realize that we are going into business with you. So no matter the questions you have, our team is here to answer them. Our industry leading support is what sets us apart from the competition. We know you rely on your equipment and we want to ensure that you are always able to work when you need to.