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About Bench Mark

After working in the surveying industry for years, our founder, Rene Boudreau has first-hand experience with the frustrations that GNSS suppliers caused their customers. That’s why in 2002, he founded Bench Mark, with a commitment to keeping his customers happy by providing better support and service than anyone else in the industry. He wanted to make surveying enjoyable.

Fast forward to today: Bench Mark Serves over 300 unique firms across the globe that use our GNSS products everyday. For over 20 years we have kept our promise to each of our customers – no matter how challenging the question we will find a solution. 

Rene is a professional land surveying engineer with a post-graduate diploma in advanced geomatics. With years of experience in the field working with the equipment, his knowledge and expertise ensure that our entire staff is well-trained to understand the gear we sell.

Our goal is to make sure that every time you phone our office you talk to an experienced engineer, and can feel assured in the advice you are receiving. We understand that you rely upon the equipment we sell, and we want it to be as simple, enjoyable and straight-forward for you to use as possible.

Core Values


Our years of experience in the field have made us realize the frustrations you can face on a daily basis. It is our hope that with our service and expertise that we are the only right answer when it comes to your surveying equipment needs. We want every customer who visits our website to be comfortable returning for all their equipment needs. 


For 20 years, we have supplied GNSS survey equipment for small geomatic and engineering firms across North America at a fair price, providing expert advice, proven knowledge and one-on-one support. We want your experience with us to be as easy and straight forward as possible.

We have worked harder than anyone else in the industry over the last twenty years to put a smile on our customers’ faces.

Rene Boudreau


The heart and soul of the company rests with Rene. Everything the company is based on has come from his years of experience in the industry. Before founding, Rene was a Professional Land Surveying Engineer and received his Advanced Geomatics post-graduate diploma. Rene has the experience to understand what you go through on a daily basis. After surveying for a number of years, Rene became a sales representative for Sokkia. After working for 7 years with Sokkia, Rene started Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies to better support his customers. Working for Sokkia, Rene felt that he often could not give the support to his customers that he felt they deserved. This is where the foundations for Bench Mark Equipment and Supplies emerged.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment

David Bates
Technical Support

Having started in 2008, David is one of the most experienced members of our team. With experience on everything from NovAtel’s ProPak-4E to Hemisphere’s S321+, David is our technical ace. David has not only seen everything, he has probably been asked about it too. There is practically nothing about GNSS that David cannot figure out. With a degree in civil engineering from the University of Calgary, David understands the kind of problems you will run into in the field and how to get around them. Although David rivals the daily coffee consumption of a small Caribbean island, he is still the most likely one to complain about being tired. At this point we are just starting to think he enjoys complaining.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment

Susan Cao
Management Associate

As our most recent hire, Susan was brought on to better improve our customer’s experience. We found that as we have grown, it has become more difficult to keep track of all of the small things. Susan was brought on to better organize and sort through everything at the office. Whether it is following up on purchases or ensuring that repairs stay on track, Susan ensures that everything is done properly and as quickly as possible. With Susan in the office, David and Rene are free to better serve your sales and technical support needs.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment

Nolan Betzner
Technical Support

Beginning as a summer student in 2016, Nolan works full-time during the summer and part-time during the school year as he attends the University of Calgary. Nolan mainly stays behind the scenes, our proverbial Oz, working on the website and marketing aspects. However, he also handles many of the repairs when they first come in before handing them off to David. Nolan is technically trained in the workings of GNSS as well as the basics of Land Surveying in order to create and produce our YouTube videos, making him an excellent resource for customers looking for a procedure or a 'How To' for their crews.