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Mobile Scanners

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Mobile Scanners

Why choose BenchMark?

At BenchMark we provide the highest quality equipment paired with industry leading support. For over 15 years we have supplied land surveyors with cutting edge technology at affordable prices. We have prided ourselves in finding the technology that gives you the edge, whether that be a gnss receiver or a reference station. This is why we are now proud to provide a mobile scanning option from CHCNAV. We believe that the Alpha 3D is the best possible option for your surveying needs. With our over 25 years of combined experience our on staff trained engineers can tell you everything you need to know. Whether you need technical questions about the equipment answered or you have general questions about land surveying, our staff have the answers you need. Ensuring your success is our priority. We have built our business upon helping our customers.

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A mobile scanner allows you to collect data significantly faster than traditional land surveying methods. With a mobile scanner, you can simply drive down the road to collect all of your data, everything is automated.

The Alpha 3D Mobile Scanner, unlike many other scanners is not reliant on a single vehicle platform. Any vehicle with a roof rack is capable of supporting the Alpha 3D Mobile Scanner.

Included in the Alpha 3D Mobile Scanner package is the CoCapture and CoProcess software. With these software packages, you have an intuitive software package that allows you to do everything you need to.

The flexible mobile scanner

Do more with the Alpha 3D

CHC Navigations 3D scanner, is the high performance mobile scanner option that we believe in. Of all of the mobile scanner options we have encountered we truly believe this would be the best option for you. The CHCNAV Alpha 3D works independent of the vehicle you are driving. You are not tied to a specific vehicle, you can take the Alpha 3D anywhere without having to worry about bringing a vehicle along with you. Integrating an ultra-high speed, high precision laser with an HDR panoramic camera, the Alpha 3D provides you with all the information you could ever need. With the accompanying GNSS receiver, the Alpha 3D integrates your laser scanning and photographic data positional data into one package. With the easy to use CoProcess and CoCapture software, collecting and processing this data is as simple as possible. Every tool you need is already built into the software. The Alpha 3D Mobile Scanner is the complete package that contains all of the tools you need to get the job done.

Leading mobile scanner technology

Cutting edge technology

For over 15 years we have been providing land surveyors cutting edge technology at affordable prices. The CHCNAV Alpha 3D Mobile scanner is no different. A mobile scanner allows you to get the edge, and offers you the ability to cut the time frame of any job you are looking to complete. Backed by our industry leading support, you can be assured that the Alpha 3D can get any job you need done. Our trained engineers have the knowledge to answer any questions you have. We believe that the support our customers receive is the difference that sets us apart from the competition. Whether you are looking for a mobile scanner, an RTK GNSS receiver or a magnetic locator, we have the equipment you want.