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Get more for your dollar at Bench Mark

We know land surveying can be complicated and confusing, with countless equipment options for each project. That’s why Bench Mark tries to keep surveying simple by finding a cuxstomized solution tailored to your needs. If you are unsure of what you need, you can always phone our office and talk to one of our trained engineers, who will help you with precisely what you need. Every piece of surveying equipment we sell has been tested to ensure that it meets our rigorous standards, as we want the equipment you buy to surpass your expectations. We have experience in the field and know what it is like to have your surveying equipment let you down. It’s why we do our best to ensure that it never happens to you. The team at Bench Mark wants to ensure that your survey equipment is fully operational and can work in all scenarios and situations. Start your search for surveying equipment today and contact us if you would like any information on our survey equipment.

Arguably, the most important thing to know before purchasing equipment is the parameters of your project. There are several things to consider, including; what level of accuracy is required, the size of your site, time constraints, and the overall budget. Having an idea of these requirements before you begin searching for your equipment will help you avoid any buyer’s remorse.

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Tech Support

Our team of highly-trained surveying engineers will provide you with prompt and courteous support for as long as you own your surveying instruments. We are proud to offer this service completely free of charge! In addition to providing product-specific training and troubleshooting over the phone, we also provide general advice and knowledge via web training videos and email newsletters. We do our best to keep you up-to-date on industry news, trends, and updated products. Our extensive industry experience allows us to offer relevant and beneficial support. At Bench Mark, we retain a high number of clients because we believe in investing in those who invest in us.


We bridge the gap of product repairs between you and the manufacturer for a more streamlined and efficient process. Investing in all of the latest software and testing tools, we can perform all major repairs on your equipment faster than most manufacturers. You can give us a call for everything from range tests and problem diagnostics to power port replacements, button repairs, cable troubleshooting and testing, radio spectrum performance, and more. Did you know that we can repair and improve your GNSS equipment even after the product’s end-of-life? If we can extend the lifespan of your products with used replacement parts, we will! Most GNSS equipment should have annual maintenance checks. We can check cables for breakage and signal strength, check and clean GPS enclosures, replace antenna connectors, and test RTK radio ranges, among other things. We also offer rentals to ensure you still have access to the equipment you need if the repairs are extensive.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment
Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment engineers

Field Training

As industry experts with decades of experience, we can provide custom field training tailored to your exact requirements. We have experience in engineering, land surveying and technical product knowledge. Bench Mark’s founder, Rene Boudreau, is a professional land surveying engineer with a post-graduate diploma in advanced geomatics. Having worked in the field as a land surveyor, Rene appreciates the challenges of the profession and has developed methods to help you overcome them. The additional in-field training we provide adds tremendous value to our products. From data collectors and pipe locators to robotic total stations, we can provide the technical support and training you need to succeed at your job.