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RTK GPS Systems

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RTK GPS Systems & GNSS Receivers

Why trust Bench Mark

At Bench Mark, we are proud to be the USA’s top supplier of RTK GPS systems for the past 15 years. We provide an outstanding range of products at outstanding prices as well as comprehensive after-sales service. Our extensive and in-depth knowledge of RTK systems, GNSS devices and GPS receivers, coupled with our all-inclusive customer service and technical support, is why industries throughout the USA come to us for our products and service. Our priority is to maximize the potential of your systems so that you can thrive. When you contact us, you’ll speak directly to one of our representatives, not an automated machine. We can assist you with advice, support, and troubleshooting, and we will make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible. 

Our top RTK products


Depending on the application you need the RTK GPS for, the price can vary significantly. Talking with someone on our team is the best way to figure out which system would give you the most value for your project.

Modern RTK GNSS systems can get an accuracy of 0.8cm +/- 1ppm horizontal and 1.5cm +/- 1ppm in the vertical. This accuracy is relative; however, it can be transformed to absolute accuracy by tying in monuments.

On average, RTK systems come with two batteries per receiver, each with six hours of battery life. With the addition of Bench Mark’s external power kit, your system can last between 6 and 16 hours.

With the right equipment and Carlson SurvCE or MicroSurvey FieldGenius software, GNSS surveying can be simple and straightforward. Once the system has been set-up, you can start collecting data from your rover with the push of a button.

An RTK system can range from around 4 – 6 km in the city with no line of sight. However, the range can be boosted by the use of a 35W radio kit, or StormCaster. All our RTK systems are tested to this specification to guarantee performance in the field.

For the past 30 years, Hemisphere has been making GNSS systems for OEM, Marine and Agricultural markets. Only in the last 8 years, have they been focusing on land surveying and construction. As such, they have introduced aggressive pricing for GPS and GNSS products.

Hemisphere GNSS receivers can be tracked and measured from all 5 satellite constellations.

With the Hemisphere s321+ GNSS receiver, you can get 20-25 cm in X & Y in DGPS mode with just one WASS satellite. In L-Band mode via Hemisphere Atlas global correction service, you can achieve 4-8 cm in X & Y without being in RTK mode.

RTK GPS Receivers For All Projects

Dedicated to outstanding quality

We offer the next generation of GNSS RTK and surveying GPS devices, including the Hemisphere S631 as part of our selection. Our modern RTK GPS systems are built to last, providing surveyors with ample opportunity to use them on various landscapes and in different scenarios. Designed to be efficient, accurate, affordable, and to maximize performance standards and results, our products have several state-of-the-art features and capabilities. Customizable and programmable to perform a wide range of functions from hydrographic work to crash site forensic reporting, the potential of these devices is endless. With our experience and knowledge of handling such products, we can ensure our customers receive the best systems for their needs.

Bench Mark US - rtk system

Your Source For RTK GPS Systems

Trust Bench Mark with your projects

As a provider of surveying equipment to over 800 clients across North America, we have established ourselves as the USA’s leading supplier. For anything GNSS related, from land surveying to GIS to vehicle positioning, our knowledge and support allow us to provide our clients with exactly the right product for their needs. Upon purchase, we continue to offer support by providing prompt and superior troubleshooting and technical service, ensuring our products are working as they should. If you’re looking for new and used surveying equipment at great prices, reach out to Bench Mark.