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Leak Detectors

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Leak Detectors

Why buy from Bench Mark?

We sell leak detectors backed by industry-leading service and support. At Bench Mark, we want to create a one-stop shopping experience for surveyors and engineers. You can shop our vast supply of survey equipment to find everything you need to get your job done.  You need a tough, reliable, and simple solution. That is why we carry SubSurface Instruments, which backs their products with a 7 year warranty, with products designed for easy, one-handed operation. We adhere to a commitment to supply high-quality products to our customers, and we can speak to the quality and durability of every leak detector we sell.


All of our leak detectors are intuitive to use and easy to setup. The entire system is built around the idea that anyone can use them.

All of the SubSurface leak detectors operate on the same principal. When a pipe begins to leak it creates a sound that is transmitted through the ground. By touching a set of transducers to the ground those frequencies can be picked up and are displayed on the locator.

All of our SubSurface Leak Detectors are backed by 7 years of warranty. We want the detector you purchase to last you for years to come.

Top selling leak detectors in America

Products & experience you can trust

At BenchMark, we carry a variety of leak detectors to meet your needs, whether you need an analog display or want to upgrade to a digital display, we have a solution for you. Our best-selling unit is SubSurface’s LD-12 leak detector. With a large easy to read analog display carried on a convenient shoulder strap this is the leak detector you can carry all around the site without tiring your arms out. With a built in Limiter, the amplifier is designed to protect your hearing and will not play back sounds above 110 dB. With three accessories, you can always find a solution for the environment you are in. Whether you want to check for a leak under concrete, at a hydrant or at the meter, the LD-12 Leak Detector has a solution for you. The LD-12 is the affordable leak detector that is backed with 7 years of warranty to back up the build quality you can rely on this leak detector for years to come.

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Additional leak detectors the USA

We have what you need

In addition to the LD-12, we carry a number of options for your leak detector needs. From the high end LD-18 to the more affordable LD-7 leak detector we have a leak detector at every price point. Whether you want the convenience of a digital display, or don’t mind the simplicity of an analog display, we have an answer for you. We carry all of the surveying equipment you would ever need. Whether you need an RTK system, a reference station or a depth sounder, here at BenchMark we have the products for you. All of our equipment is backed by our industry leading support. When you call in for support you talk to one of the trained engineers we have on staff, who have the answers to your questions. We want to provide you with the best possible experience not only when you purchase you surveying equipment but also during the lifetime of the product.