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Hemisphere CW400 Windows Mobile Data Collector

Meet the IronView CW400, Hemisphere GNSS’ premium-grade GNSS data collector tailored for discerning engineers in surveying. Engineered for challenging surveying environments, it features a high-sensitivity GNSS antenna, ensuring top-tier performance in areas like dense forests and bustling urban landscapes where signal consistency is critical. Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, it enables precise on-site visuals and immediate documentation.

Seamless data management is ensured with compatibility for high-capacity MicroSD cards and integrated Bluetooth and wireless LAN capabilities, providing extensive storage and versatile connectivity for smooth networking and device interaction. The CW400’s rugged design, IP65 certification, and 14-hour dual-battery life guarantee durability and resilience in adverse conditions, catering to the reliability and sustained operation requirements of surveying tasks.

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Hemisphere CW400

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Product details

  • Incredibly Light (483g)
  • Up to 10 Hours Operating Time
  • Functionable Buttons
  • IP65 Dust and Waterproof

Package includes

  • IronView CW400 Data Collector
  • Screen Protector
  • Charger
  • Download Cable
  • Stylus


Hemisphere CW400

Welcome to the IronView CW400, Hemisphere GNSS’ state-of-the-art professional-grade GNSS data collector, designed to redefine field data collection experiences. Crafted to excel in the most challenging environments, this handheld powerhouse is equipped with a high-sensitivity GNSS antenna, ensuring top-tier performance in landscapes where signal reliability is critical, such as dense forests and bustling urban areas. The CW400 empowers field professionals with its integrated 5-megapixel digital camera, allowing them to capture precise and accurate visuals, providing an immediate snapshot of any situation on-site.

Built for seamless data management and accessibility, the CW400 boasts compatibility with high-capacity MicroSD cards, ensuring a vast storage capacity for large datasets and swift access to background maps. Moreover, its integrated Bluetooth and wireless LAN capabilities open up a world of connectivity options, enabling effortless networking and device interactions, elevating the device’s versatility in the field.

Small and Compact

Designed to be the ultimate companion for field work, the CW400 features a rugged handheld design anchored by a 3.7” industrial high-contrast, sunlight-readable touchscreen display. This ensures clarity and visibility even in harsh, bright outdoor conditions, allowing for seamless data interpretation and manipulation in the field. Meeting IP65 standards, this device is not only dust-resistant but also provides formidable protection against water ingress, guaranteeing resilience and reliability in the face of challenging weather conditions or rough handling. The inclusion of two batteries enables the CW400 to power through an impressive 14 hours of continuous use, ensuring uninterrupted GNSS data collection throughout a full working day without the hassle of frequent recharging.

The IronView CW400 isn’t just a data collector; it’s a dependable, resilient, and efficient tool, purpose-built for professionals navigating demanding landscapes. Whether it’s capturing precise visuals on-site, ensuring seamless data storage and connectivity, or sustaining long hours of uninterrupted operation, the CW400 sets a new standard in field data collection. With its robust design and seamless integration of high-sensitivity GNSS technology, this device stands as the quintessential tool for professionals requiring reliability and unparalleled functionality in their field operations.


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