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BMT8 Android Sub-Meter Tablet

The BMT8 RTK tablet redefines precision in GIS data collection. Featuring an external GNSS antenna and seamless NTRIP data corrections, it delivers unparalleled sub-centimeter accuracy on-the-go. Compatible with top GIS software like MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius for Android and ESRI, this tablet ensures effortless integration into existing workflows. Its lightweight design, powered by a Snapdragon 626 8-core processor and boasting a high-resolution 8-inch HD IPS display, guarantees a seamless experience and enhanced visibility for critical data in the field. With extensive storage expandable up to 128 GB, integrated cell modem for constant connectivity, and a 16 MP rear camera for detailed point documentation, the BMT8 RTK tablet stands as a comprehensive solution, setting new standards in accuracy and performance for GIS professionals.

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Product details

  • GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Android Operating System
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB Storage
  • Snapdragon 626

Package includes

  • BMT8 Android Tablet
  • RTK Module
  • RTK Antenna
  • Charger
  • Screen Protector


Elevate Your GIS Workflow

The BMT8 RTK tablet stands as a sophisticated solution, meticulously crafted to revolutionize GIS data collection workflows. Designed with an external GNSS antenna and seamless compatibility with NTRIP data corrections, this tablet redefines accuracy, enabling users to achieve precision levels reaching sub-centimeter accuracy, all within the grasp of a handheld device. Beyond this pinpoint accuracy, the BMT8 also boasts sub-meter accuracy independently, eliminating the reliance on NTRIP corrections for less stringent precision requirements. Its remarkable compatibility extends to an array of leading GIS software, including MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius for Android, ESRI, and Juniper’s Uinta, ensuring effortless integration into existing workflows.

This lightweight yet resilient Android data collector harnesses the power of the Android OS, providing a versatile platform to run an extensive gamut of applications. From essential GIS tools to cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, the BMT8 accommodates various applications, enhancing productivity and expanding utility. Featuring a generous 8-inch HD IPS display, this tablet prioritizes visibility and clarity, ensuring that crucial data remains easily accessible and comprehensible in any working environment.


BMT8 RTK Tablet

Underneath its sleek exterior lies a robust Snapdragon 626 8-core processor, delivering a seamless, responsive user experience across all applications. With an expansive 64 GB internal storage, expandable by an additional 128 GB via an SD card, the BMT8 offers ample room to store extensive datasets, ensuring flexibility and scalability for diverse data requirements. Seamlessly connected through an integrated cell modem, this tablet guarantees consistent connectivity, irrespective of geographical location, facilitating uninterrupted data transmission and reception.

Enhancing its functionality for comprehensive data collection, the tablet integrates a high-resolution 16 MP rear camera, empowering users to capture intricate details relevant to their surveyed points, enhancing documentation and analysis capabilities.

In essence, the BMT8 RTK tablet embodies reliability, precision, and versatility, encapsulating a comprehensive solution engineered to streamline and elevate GIS data collection processes, setting new standards in accuracy and performance.


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