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Bench Mark US - Surveying equipment testimonials
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Survey supplies & accessories

The Bench Mark advantage

We carry a wide selection of surveying accessories and supplies to meet all of your surveying needs. Whether you need a tripod, bipod, or pole to stabilize and support your equipment, or you need a magnetic mount, measuring tape, or field bags to simplify your job, we have what you need. As professionals with real on the ground experience in the industry, we can make suggestions for tools that could make your job easier. We follow the same commitment for survey supplies as we do for the rest of our products; we believe in offering the best quality for the best prices. At Bench Mark, we supply tripods and other accessories made by leading brands such as GeoMeasure, SECO, and more. In addition to a wide selection of accessories and supplies, we also carry replacement parts for all of our survey equipment.


To maintain surveying accessories, keep them clean and free from dirt and moisture. Regularly inspect and calibrate equipment to ensure accuracy. Store accessories in a dry and secure place when not in use, and consider protective cases for transport. Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance and calibration schedules to prolong their lifespan and accuracy.

Essential accessories for land surveying include items like tripods, prism poles, leveling rods, GPS receivers, and data collectors. These tools help surveyors ensure accuracy and efficiency in their measurements and data collection processes.

  • A surveying prism, often mounted on a prism pole, is used to reflect a surveying instrument’s beam (e.g., total station or theodolite) back to the instrument. This allows surveyors to measure distances and angles to objects that may be out of direct line of sight, such as building corners or remote targets.

When selecting a surveying tripod, consider factors like stability, height, and portability. Ensure that it can support the weight of your surveying equipment and that its height is suitable for your needs. Additionally, look for a tripod that’s easy to transport to various surveying sites.

Yes, safety is paramount in such environments. Surveyors should wear high-visibility clothing and set up warning signs or barriers when working near roads. Ensure that equipment doesn’t obstruct traffic or pedestrian pathways. Additionally, use caution around utilities and underground infrastructure to prevent accidents.

A leveling rod is used to measure height differences or elevations during leveling and vertical distance measurements. Surveyors typically use an instrument like an automatic level or a digital level to sight the leveling rod. By reading the measurement markings on the rod, they can determine the difference in elevation between two points, crucial for creating accurate topographic maps and establishing benchmarks.

Survey accessories for all of your needs

Poles and tripods for any task

At Bench-Mark we pride ourselves in providing you with the choices to meet your needs, wqe want to provide you with the surveying equipment that you can rely on for years. Take our surveying poles for instance: We offer three different kinds, a snap lock quick set pole, a fixed height pole and a half carbon fiber half aluminum precision pole. All three poles have been tested by our staff to ensure that it can meet the rigours of the land surveying site. Or, take our tripods. We have also have three options, a fixed height tripod, a fiberglass tripod and a wood fiberglass tripod. Our tripods have also been tested to ensure that they can stand up to the elements and are easy to use. We want to ensure that your day on the job site is as easy and straightforward as possible. With our accessories, you can be ensured that your land surveying equipment is protected.

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Surveyor tough survey accessories and supplies

Durable and fairly priced

For the past 15 years we have supplied the USA with high quality accessories, GNSS receivers and total stations. We pride ourselves at providing a high quality product at an affordable price. With over 25 years of experience, we know that you rely on your equipment to win the day. That is why we promise all of our equipment meets our high standards and will stand up to the conditions you see on site. We promise to give you support no matter the product you purchase, we want you to have the best possible experience with you. It is what we have built our company on.