SubSurface LD-8 Leak Detection


Unaccounted-for water loss is no small dilemma; as such, when creating their LD-8 Leak Survey Tool, SubSurface sought to address the issue with the preventative design. This equipment is designed specifically to find pipe leaks for in water departments, water districts, and other government and private agencies. Rod-based and compact, this acoustic listening instrument can be used in countless locations, such as water leaks at hydrants, meters, and valves.


  • Amplifier with two-digit display of loudness, and three range sensitivity switch.
  • Variety of contact rods for variable applications.
  • Notch filters reduce A/C hum from transformers, power lines, etc.
  • Excellent sensor sensitivity, leak sound amplification, and audio clarity.
  • Stereo headphones with soft leather ear covers.
  • Two-digit display to compare the loudness of leak sounds at nearby locations. The display can show which is loudest when your ears can not tell.
  • Sturdy, light-weight carrying case weighs only 10 lbs.


  • Amplifier
  • Stereo Headphones
  • 4-inch Short Contact Rod
  • 4-section Contact Rod Set
  • Adapter Rod
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual


Key Features


The LD-8 features excellent sensor sensitivity, leak sound amplification, and audio clarity. Selective noise-cancelling notch filters help reduce hum from nearby transformers, power lines and the like. This audio clarity lets you use your own ears to determine the location of the leak. In addition, where ears fail, you can reference the two-digit display, to compare the loudness of leak sounds at nearby locations.


The LD-8 includes both a short contact rod for listening at hydrants, and a long contact rod for listening at below-grade meters and valves.


Some other features include an amplifier with push on/off switch, volume control, two digit display of loudness, and three-range sensitivity switch. The stereo headphones are made from soft and plush leather, ensuring comfort for the entire day. The sturdy but lightweight carrying case weighs 10 lbs and fits neatly behind a seat.


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