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SubSurface MUL Magnetic Underwater Locator

When lowered from 10 to 1000 feet in the water, SubSurface’s Magnetic Underwater Locator (MUL) is designed to detect any metal that may be present. Built into titanium the sensors can withstand depths of 1,000 feet, and diver or boat towing. Equipped with a bull-nosed titanium sensor, control box, and sensor cable with Amphenol connectors, the MUL control box will notify the user when ferrous metal is found.

Product details

  • Heavy-duty sensor cable acts as lanyard. 30’, 50’, 100’ (non-standard lengths available)
  • High-quality connectors and “toilet seat” cover over headset jack. “Seacon” connectors available.
  • Alligator clips for 12v auxiliary power.
  • Gel-cell auto-charges when auxiliary power connected.
  • “Zero to “null” gradient.
  • Permanent gel-cell battery-mounted under electronics panel.
  • Bull-nosed and tapered sensor on BHG, longer sensor on MUL for diver or boat towing.

Package includes

  • 120 Volt AC charging cord
  • Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery (internal)
  • 12 Volt auxiliary power cable
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Sensor cable-end mating connector
  • Instruction Manual


Key Features


The MUL (Magnetic Underwater Locator) is comprised of three important parts: the bull-nosed titanium sensor, control box, and sensor cable with Amphenol connectors. Together, when the sensor is lowered into the oceans, lakes, rivers, or any body of water, the unit has the ability to sense any ferrous metal that may be present.


Some features include a heavy-duty sensor cable, which can act as a lanyard, with alligator clips for 12-volt auxiliary power. The sensor on the MUL is bull-nosed and tapered. The permanent gel-cell is battery-mounted under the electronics panel, and auto-charges when connected to auxilliary power. The sensor is plated with titanium.



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