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SubSurface GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator

The GFL3000 Ground Fault Locator from SubSurface is a cost-effective solution for finding faults in the ground by a simple receiver-analog meter system.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Low cost, ground fault locator with features previously unavailable at this price point
  • Dual power capability, which allows the user to select the resistance level of the fault they wish to pursue
  • Easy to read battery condition indicators
  • Transmitter features a 12 volt rechargeable battery with both wall and car chargers included
  • All of this comes in a durable, custom molded case

Package includes

  • Receiver Frame
  • Receiver Frame
  • Ground Stake
  • Connection Clamps
  • Charger
  • Custom Molded Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual


SubSurface Instruments GFL3000 is a low-cost ground fault detector. It is simple to use:


First, one attaches the transmitter to the analysed wire, and also to the ground. Then, one pulls the A-frame along the wire. The analog meter on the device will continue until the voltage dies out, indicating a fault in the ground.


It’s as simple as that.  The GFL3000 can pinpoint the exact location of the fault quickly and easily with the dual power output.


There is no other system so dually efficient and cost effective.


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