SubSurface LD-7 Economical Water Leak Detection


The palm-sized LD-7 is designed for countless water leak detection applications, including leak surveys and leak pinpointing. It includes both a 3-way ground plate and a magnetic base, for both pinpointing on streets and concrete slabs and surveying on valves or meters, respectively. Also featured is a protective and compact mute switch on the amplifier for when you move the microphone sensor. Start working at an advantage with the LD-7.


  • Compact amplifier (with mute switch) fits inside the palm of the user’s hand.
  • Designed for all of the water leak detection applications, including leak surveys and leak pinpointing.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight.


  • Amplifier
  • Sensor w/3 Point Ground Plate
  • Magnet Base
  • Stereo Headphones
  • 3 Section Contact Rod
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual


Key Features


The LD-7 features a compact and lightweight amplifier that can actually fit inside the palm of the user’s hand. Also included is a mute switch, which can be used when moving the sensor in order to protect your hearing. The entire LD-7 inside the included heavy duty carrying case is small and is easy to store.


This leak detector was designed for for both survey and pinpoint leak detection. With 3-point ground plate, magnet base, and contact rod attachments, you can detect from virtually every known access point, including asphalt, concrete slabs, hydrants, valves, meters, etc.


Also included are five high frequency filters, three low frequency filters (plus low filter off), and 2 notch filters (plus notch filter off) to remove all extraneous, distracting noise.



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