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PL-2000 Multifrequency Pipe and Cable Locator

The PL-2000 multifrequency pipe and cable locator is a durable, simple, and yet professional unit, well-suited to locating system needs. Plus, it’s a beast, offering three active frequencies, two passive frequencies, four modes of operation and both inductive and direct connection capabilities. The PL-2000’s makeup is a practical and durable design, ready for work anywhere you take it.

Additional product info

Product details

  • PL-2000 transmitter has 3.0 watts power output in the Direct Connection mode; allowing locates for much longer distances.
  • The lightweight, balanced receiver offers four different operating modes.
  • Three “active” frequencies at a nominal 0.5 kHz, 8 kHz and 27 kHz, plus two “passive” frequencies – the 50/60 power and radio passive
  • Select the “Mix” mode at the transmitter and transmit all active frequencies simultaneously in the “Direct Connect” mode
  • Detects and reports “poor ground” conductivity at the transmitter in Direct Connection
  • Current measurement in the “Depth” function can verify you are tracing the correct line in congested utilities
  • “Auto Off” functions in both the transmitter & receiver shut off their operations after a user defined time period of non-use
  • Optional Equipment for PL-2000 Direct Inductive Clamp.

Package includes

  • Receiver
  • Tansmitter
  • Ground Stake
  • Direct Connection Cables
  • Instruction Manual
  • Padded Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual


Key Features


The PL-2000 Low Transmitter has 3.0 watts power output in the Direct Connection Mode- this means more power, longer distances, and less trouble.


The receiver on the PL-2000 offers 4 different operating modes: “Peak”, “Null”, “Dist”, and “Sonde”, which makes for a more efficient tracking model altogether. This receiver has a powerful transmitter system, and the ability to detect poor ground conductivity at certain modes. The PL-2000 has 3 active frequencies at 512 Hz, 8.125 kHz, and 26.725kHz, all three of which the transmitter can process simultaneously; plus 2 passive frequencies at 50/60 Hz (current flowing A/C) and Radio (15 khz – 25 kHz).


The PL-2000 has several handy features, including current measurement in the depth function indicating if the measured depths are correct for congested utilities. Also included is the “Auto Off” function in both the Transmitter and Receiver, which after a set period shuts off in order to conserve power.



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