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SubSurface LD-15 Leak Detector

The new LD-15 Professional’s Leak Survey Instrument offers the highest sensitivity and the best audio quality ever offered in an acoustic listening device. It provides the user with both survey and pinpointing locating methods, maximizing your versatility on the job. In addition, the LD-15 is rated at an IP68, meaning this unit was made tough and will stay tough.

Additional product info

Product details

  • High sensitivity sensor with Neodymium magnet (extra strong). Sensor and cable connection completely sealed and water-proof (submersible).
  • Amplifier with superior audio quality (very low distortion and superior signal-to-noise ratio) and large meter display. Press the Mute Switch to hear sounds when you are ready.
  • “Survey” for water leaks by listening at hydrants and valves with the sensor and magnet. Survey at water meters with a Long Contact Rod (optional).
  • “Pinpoint” water leaks in pipes under asphalt or concrete with the base plate attached to the sensor and magnet.
  • Use the High filter range for water leak surveying. Use the Low filter range for water leak pinpointing. High frequency leak sounds travel on the pipes, but only low frequencies pass through the soil.

Package includes

  • Amplifier w/Meter Display & Filter Controls
  • Aviation-Grade Stereo Headphones
  • High Sensitivity Sensor & Cable
  • Padded Case & Waist Strap
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual


The Subsurface LD-15 Leak Detector contains a high sensitivity sensor with a powerful neodymium magnet. To protect the sensor and cable connection, the device is completely sealed from dust and water, rated at IP68.


The on-board amplifier  excels in audio quality and signal-to-noise ratio, and displays sound intensity directly on the device.


The LD-15 gives you two options for locating leaks: first, surveying, which works by listening inside of the pipe by starting at the hydrants, valves, etc., and the second option allows you to pinpoint water leaks through concrete and asphalt, pressing the base plate to the earth.


The LD-15 comes with a high and low filter range, designed for both surveying and pinpointing. Because it can pass easily through water, the high filter range is well-suited for surveying leaks. The low filter range, suited to the soil, is for pinpointing.


Key Features

  • Simple and quick way of surveying for water leaks.
  • High sensitive sensor, extra strong and water proof(submersible)
  • Survey for leaks at hydrants, valves and meters.
  • Use the High filter range for water leak surveying. Use the Low filter range for water leak pinpointing.


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