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CHCNAV AlphaUni 900/1300 LiDAR Scanner

The AlphaUni 900/1300 is the high-end multi-platform LiDAR system is designed to be flexible, accurate and professional. Multiple features increase point cloud density, delivering high-quality and accurate data, including Riegl Waveform-Lidar technology, the leading GNSS and IMU sensors, and 8 km of data transmission whether it be from drones or ground. Complete with universal installation and remote operation features, The AlphaUni 900/1300 is sure to save you time and money, and aid you in project completion.

Additional product info

Product details

  • miniVUX-1 or miniVUX-2 options
  • Equipped with GNSS and IMU sensors
  • Mountable on UAVS, Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor, Vehicles, Backpacks, USVs and Boats
  • UHF Data Transmission
  • Multiple Power Sources

Package includes

  • AlphaUni 900/1300
  • Camera Systems also Available


Lightest in its Class

AlphaUni 900/1300 is the one of the lightest long range scanners available today, only 9.9 lbs. Eliminating the extra weight extends battery life, and as such, your productivity.


Pristine Data

The AlphaUni 900/1300 is built with Riegl scanners as well as GNSS and IMU sensors. Integrated with CHCNAV GNSS technology, you get increased point cloud density and thus balanced and accurate and data.


Two Birds, One Stone

The internal UHF radio with 8 km of range allows the scanner to send live updates from anywhere on site. Don’t wait to get back to the office to discover mistakes; make corrections directly in the field.


Universal Installation

You can setup the AlphaUni 900/1300 nearly anywhere, whether it be on a UAV or a backpack. This unit was designed to serve your needs.


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