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Alpha3D Unveiling

The Alpha 3D is the LiDAR scanning unit for ultimate efficiency, reducing time in the field 40% compared to traditional surveying methods. Exhibiting a scanning speed of 1M points per second, a range of 420m, and high point cloud density, you are sure to get high-res and accurate imaging in only a fraction of the time. The Alpha 3D is the ultimate LiDAR scanner.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Single Scanner Laser Head, Additional Room for Second
  • 420 m of Range at 300 kHz
  • 360° Spherical Camera
  • Multi-Constellation, Multi-Frequency GNSS Support
  • IP64 Environmental Rating, Operates in Temperatures as low as -10 °C

Package includes

  • Laser Scanner
  • 6 Camera Spherical Camera Unit
  • Car Mounting Assembly


The Alpha3D is built to provide high density, accurate point clouds and powerful images. Along with its main features come additional sensors, high resolution cameras, thermal cameras, GPRs, echo sounders and extra profilers, to upgrade your LiDAR scanner to pristine excellence.



The Alpha3D is easily mounted on a variety of platforms, including different type of vehicles, trains, railway trolleys and boats.


Quality Imaging

Complete with a 30 MP HDR panoramic camera, the Alpha 3D gives you high-resolution panorama images. If needed, you can add additional imagery sensors to suit your application.



The Alpha 3D comes equipped with handy extra features, such as an optional second scanner to create a dense point cloud. Plus, all the included Alpha 3D accessories are easy to install. Two RS232 ports for external device connection,  GNSS antenna for railway or water applications, and SSD hard disc for raster data transfer.



CoCapture, the software included for capturing data, is intuitive and user-friendly, and allows you to control your operation with your own device by means of its WiFi or  LAN cable connection.



The processing software is equally as intuitive, with rich functionality. Its powerful engine can support massive data processing and transfer easily to CAD or GIS deliverables.


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