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eSurvey GEOSolution Post-Processing Software

Geosolution redefines surveying data processing for engineers, offering a sophisticated yet intuitive software designed to elevate precision and efficiency. With a rich array of preset coordinate systems and customizable parameters, it ensures seamless alignment with diverse project requirements. Detailed reports provide invaluable insights into baseline solutions, empowering engineers with data accuracy metrics and informed decision-making capabilities. Handling both PPK and static data effortlessly, its built-in Rinex Data Converter streamlines fieldwork, importing diverse base map formats for enhanced on-site efficiency. Customizable output formats optimize measurements, while secure project folders meticulously document every operation from baseline solutions to network adjustments. Join our community and experience Geosolution’s prowess in transforming surveying workflows with unparalleled accuracy.”

This condensed version encapsulates Geosolution’s features and benefits for surveying engineers, emphasizing its precision, versatility, and efficiency in data processing within a more concise format.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Windows Based
  • 7 and 4 Parameter Coordinate Systems
  • Geoid Models
  • Static Processing
  • Dynamic Processing
  • “Stop and Go” Processing
  • Supports Network Adjustment

Package includes

  • GEOSolution Software License


GeoSolutions Post Processing

Embark on a surveying revolution with Geosolution—a sophisticated yet intuitive post-processing software meticulously crafted to redefine the way surveying engineers handle and process crucial data. Geosolution emerges as the cornerstone tool for engineers seeking a harmonious blend of simplicity, robust functionality, and unwavering precision in their survey data processing endeavors.

Surveying engineers rely on Geosolution’s comprehensive suite of features designed to cater to the intricate demands of the field. Explore a treasure trove of preset coordinate systems, providing an extensive array of options to seamlessly align with diverse project requirements. Flexibility reigns supreme as engineers can effortlessly customize and export coordinate system parameters, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in spatial data interpretation.

Dig deeper into survey data with Geosolution’s standard data processing reports, offering invaluable insights into baseline and measurement differential solutions. Engineers leverage these reports to discern accuracy levels, empowering informed decision-making and meticulous quality control throughout the surveying process.

Geosolution’s prowess extends to effortlessly processing both PPK and static data, streamlining workflows and expediting accurate results. Seamlessly import diverse base map formats, including DXF, DWG, SHP, and Land XML, with the built-in Rinex Data Converter—a feature that revolutionizes fieldwork efficiency, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for surveying teams on-site.

Customization is key, and Geosolution offers engineers the liberty to tailor output result formats, enabling swift and efficient handling of measurements according to specific project needs. Every project operates within designated project folders, meticulously storing each operation—from baseline solution to network adjustment—ensuring comprehensive documentation and easy access to crucial data.

Surveying engineers can trust Geosolution to elevate their precision and efficiency in handling survey data. Join our vibrant community via our website and social media platforms to unlock the full potential of Geosolution, empowering your surveying pursuits with unparalleled accuracy and streamlined workflows.

This expanded version delves deeper into the software’s features, emphasizing its benefits for surveying engineers and their specific needs in data processing and precision in the field.


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