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MicroSurvey STAR*NET

Engineered for engineers seeking meticulous data validation, MicroSurvey’s Starnet is a paramount tool for rigorous data checking. Tailored for precision, it adeptly processes 2D/3D survey networks, seamlessly integrating diverse data sources including conventional observations, GPS vectors, and differential leveling data. Starnet’s precision shines through meticulously organized results, presenting key metrics such as Sum of Squares and Chi-Square tests, guiding engineers to refine and enhance data accuracy.

Starnet’s intuitive interface streamlines rigorous data validation, boasting a built-in editor for effortless data manipulation and precision-driven column editing. The recent release, STAR*NET 9, offers optimized 32-bit and 64-bit versions, maximizing performance and memory access for swift, accurate analysis. For engineers dedicated to unwavering precision, Starnet remains the trusted companion, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy in survey data through its meticulous validation and checking processes.

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Product details

  • Combine Total Station and GPS Vectors with Leveling Data
  • Report Outputs in Geodetic and Ground Coordinates
  • Data Convertors

Package includes

  • 3D Network Plot
  • Auto-Adjust
  • Sideshot Detection
  • Least Squares Adjustment


MSCAD: Premier Drafting Software

MicroSurvey’s Starnet is an exceptional least squares adjustment software, designed to provide engineers with a robust tool for precise processing and adjustment of 2D/3D survey networks. This user-friendly Windows application effortlessly handles networks comprising conventional observations along with GPS vectors, accommodating up to 10,000 adjustable stations. Moreover, it seamlessly incorporates differential leveling observations within a comprehensive 3D adjustment framework, ensuring a holistic approach to data processing.

One of the hallmark features of Starnet is its exceptional compatibility with various instruments. It efficiently integrates conventional total station measurements with GPS vectors and leveling data, allowing engineers to amalgamate diverse data sources seamlessly. Engineers can create custom schemes within the instrument library, tailoring weighting and specifications to compensate for equipment variability and standard errors associated with specific survey crews.

The output results from Starnet are presented in a well-organized format, facilitating quick review and analysis. Metrics such as the Sum of Squares, Error Factors, and Chi-Square tests offer precise insights, providing valuable feedback to enhance and refine results for optimal accuracy.

Starnet boasts an intuitive and customizable interface that enhances user experience. The built-in data input file editor simplifies data manipulation by automatically color-coordinating data and comments for clarity. The bookmarking feature enables easy cross-referencing and segmentation of data, streamlining navigation within extensive datasets.

Customizability remains a key aspect of Starnet’s interface. The on-screen information includes a comprehensive data files list, an editor window, output summaries, network plots, and processing summaries—all easily accessible for cross-referencing, quick fixes, and reprocessing.

The software’s integrated data editor has been optimized for efficiency and ease of use. Enhanced with inline help tips for data lines and options, users can effortlessly modify data files without the need to recall specific syntax or refer back to extensive help files. Additionally, column editing capabilities similar to advanced text editor programs enable swift manipulation of data by selecting columns of text and spanning multiple rows.

Starnet’s efficiency is further bolstered by its command autocompletion feature within the integrated data editor. This functionality intuitively assists users in selecting applicable keywords for commands, enhancing the overall workflow efficiency.


With the recent release of STAR*NET, the software is now available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version offers enhanced performance, accessing more memory and executing operations faster, ensuring an optimized experience for users dealing with extensive and complex datasets.


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