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MicroSurvey STAR*NET


MicroSurvey’s STAR*NET is one of the most popular and trusted least square adjustment software packages on the market. With your reference at the pillar of the operation, accuracy is essential. STAR*NET provides that added assurance in approving your measurements.


  • Combine Total Station and GPS Vectors with Leveling Data
  • Report Outputs in Geodetic and Ground Coordinates
  • Data Convertors
  • Request Pricing on Different Packages


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Trusted and Reliable
STAR*NET has made a name for itself, proving to be an accurate and easy solution for adjusting least squares. Some jurisdictions have even mandated STAR*NET for submitting plans.
Ultimate Functionality
STAR*NET allows you to sift through data and any systematic errors. In addition to assessing your measurements, this software can also suggest tips to help you learn the required workflow, and provides listing and output options that allow for documentation.


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