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Used Topcon Hiper V

The Topcon HiPer V is a robust GNSS positioning solution designed for engineers. Integrating Vanguard Technology with 226 channels, Universal Tracking Technology, and a Fence Antenna, it ensures unparalleled accuracy by dynamically adapting each channel to satellite signals. Housed in a rugged magnesium casing with internal radio configurations, it meets real jobsite challenges, boasting an IP67 waterproof rating and features like external ports and voice alerts. The HiPer V sets new benchmarks in precision and reliability, offering engineers cutting-edge technology for diverse field applications.

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Product details

  • GPS and GLONASS L1 + L2
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Tough Magnesium Housing
  • 2m Pole Drop Rating
  • 2.43 lbs per Receiver

Package includes

  • Topcon Hiper V Receivers
  • Batteries
  • Antennas
  • Chargers
  • Carrying Case
  • Accessories


Topcon Hiper V

Introducing the Topcon HiPer V – a cutting-edge GNSS positioning solution engineered to redefine excellence in the field. Leveraging Topcon’s legacy of innovation, the HiPer V seamlessly integrates Vanguard Technology, elevating the capabilities of the renowned HiPer family.

At the heart of this technological marvel are 226 channels equipped with Universal Tracking Technology and the Fence Antenna, setting a new industry standard for versatility and configuration. The revolutionary Universal Tracking Technology empowers each channel to dynamically adapt to any satellite signal, ensuring an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability in GNSS positioning applications.

Customize your HiPer V to suit specific communication requirements with internal radio configurations. Choose from options like Digital UHF, Spread Spectrum radio, HSPA Cellular Modem, CDMA Modem, or opt for a configuration with no cellular module. This flexibility extends to future upgrades, allowing static-only receivers to seamlessly evolve into fully-equipped systems with radio and cellular modules, thanks to Topcon’s global service facilities.

Crafted within a rugged magnesium metal housing, the HiPer V is not only drop-proof but also waterproof with an IP67 rating, enabling submersion in water. This robust design ensures the device can withstand the challenges of real jobsite conditions, providing durability and longevity that align with engineering standards.

The HiPer V’s housing features go beyond durability, incorporating essential elements such as external power and serial ports, a tape measure hook, and a shock-protected ring. These elements enhance usability, making the device a reliable companion in demanding work environments, addressing the practical needs of engineering professionals in the field.

Experience the convenience of integrated GPS and GLONASS capabilities, offering access to both USA-based GPS satellites and Russian-based GLONASS satellites. This dual-system integration enhances satellite coverage, ensuring optimal performance in diverse geographical locations and meeting the precision requirements of engineering applications.

In addition to its technical prowess, the HiPer V introduces voice alerts to keep engineers informed without requiring them to divert attention from the field controller or their surroundings. This feature proves invaluable in high-traffic situations, enabling engineers to focus on critical tasks while staying updated on device status through voice prompts.

Step confidently into the future of GNSS positioning with the Topcon HiPer V – where Vanguard Technology meets rugged durability, unparalleled precision, and unmatched flexibility, addressing the engineering challenges and expectations on the field. Elevate your engineering performance with a solution designed to exceed industry standards and set new benchmarks in the world of positioning technology.

1 review for Used Topcon Hiper V

  1. Alex Asselin

    Purchased a used but good condition Hiper V complete kit. They took care of customizing the kit for me, fast shipping, excellent service.

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