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CHCNAV Apache 3 Pro Single Beam EchoSounder

The APACHE 3 Pro, is meticulously engineered unmanned surface vehicle (USV) tailored for precise autonomous bathymetric surveys in shallow waters. This robust vessel boasts a double-layered carbon fiber hull, delivering exceptional impact resistance and unsinkability alongside an IP67 rating for complete dust and water protection. Its innovative semi-recessed motor design reduces water resistance, enabling speeds up to 6 m/s and enhancing endurance for extended operations.

Crafted from lightweight macromolecular polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar glass fiber, the APACHE 3 Pro weighs just 10 kg (excluding sensors), ensuring effortless maneuverability by a single operator across diverse remote deployment scenarios. The vessel integrates a unique motor system and internal rotor design to navigate varying water depths while amplifying protection against damage, thereby ensuring sustained high-performance in challenging conditions for precision surveys. Leveraging SIM and network bridge capabilities, it supports robust communications and seamless cloud-based monitoring for real-time updates on the vessel’s status, offering engineers enhanced control and security. Equipped with millimeter-wave automatic obstacle avoidance and a D270 echosounder, it maintains high accuracy even under bridges, compensating for signal losses and hull sway effects, ensuring precise data collection in diverse environments for comprehensive bathymetric analysis.

Additional product info

Product details

  • 25 kg Payload
  • Triple Hull Design
  • 700 W Motor
  • Max Speed 8 m/s
  • Up to Hour Base Battery Life
  • Internal UHF and Cell Communication

Package includes

  • Apache 3 Pro Sounding Boat
  • Networking Connectors
  • Batteries and Charger
  • Tools
  • Packing Case
  • Control and Processing Software


The Apache 3 Pro USV

Unmatched Bathymetric Surveys in Shallow Waters

Welcome to the APACHE 3 Pro, a trailblazing compact unmanned surface vehicle (USV) designed meticulously for autonomous bathymetric surveys in shallow water environments. Crafted with a dual-layered carbon fiber hull, this vehicle exudes resilience, promising exceptional impact resistance and unsinkability. Bolstered by an IP67 rating, it ensures a fortress-like protection against dust and water ingress, guaranteeing operational integrity in every circumstance. The ingeniously designed semi-recessed motor not only minimizes water resistance, enabling impressive speeds of up to 6 m/s but also amplifies endurance for prolonged operations.

Advanced Design for Effortless Deployment

Meticulously engineered from macromolecular polyester carbon fiber and Kevlar glass fiber, the APACHE 3 Pro boasts a feather-light weight of merely 10 kg (excluding sensors). This agile construction empowers a single operator to effortlessly navigate diverse remote deployment scenarios, promising versatility and seamless maneuverability across a spectrum of environmental terrains and conditions.

Enhanced Navigational Capabilities

Setting new benchmarks in navigational prowess, the APACHE 3 Pro incorporates a semi-recessed motor and an innovative internal rotor motor design, allowing for a shallower draft and augmenting its agility across various water depths. This unique motor design offers fortified protection, significantly minimizing damage risks and extending the motor’s service life, ensuring sustained performance.

Real-time Monitoring and Security

Empowered by a blend of SIM and network bridge with automatic switching, this vessel assures steadfast communications while seamlessly integrating cloud-based remote monitoring. These features provide unparalleled real-time insights into the APACHE 3 Pro’s status, fostering enhanced control and security. The utilization of 4G and 2.4G networks eliminates distance constraints, facilitating efficient data exchange across diverse operating environments.

Cutting-edge Obstacle Avoidance and Precision under Bridges

The APACHE 3 Pro comes standard with a millimeter-wave automatic obstacle avoidance system, proactively detecting obstacles within a wide 110° angle. Should an obstacle be encountered, the USV autonomously charts a detour course, minimizing the risk of collision and potential damage during operations. Furthermore, it maintains high accuracy even when navigating under bridges, seamlessly compensating for GNSS signal losses and hull sway effects, ensuring consistent high-precision data collection.

Advanced Echosounder for Superior Bathymetric Surveying

Equipped with the standard D270 single-beam echosounder, the APACHE 3 Pro delivers unrivaled depth measurement accuracy. This portable device integrates a built-in water temperature sensor, allowing real-time correction of sound velocity concerning temperature changes, ensuring superior depth measurement accuracy for comprehensive bathymetric surveys.


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