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Hemisphere S631 / S321+ External Radio Cable

The Hemisphere External Radio Cable simplifies your connectivity needs by combining all the essential cables required to link your external power to your receiver. It features a 5-Pin power port for transmitting corrections and receiving power. Additionally, the cable is equipped with a 5-Pin radio port compatible with both Harxon radios and Pacific Crest ADL radios. Power is conveniently supplied through the trailer plug, capable of energizing both the external radio and the Hemisphere S631 receiver simultaneously. This ingenious solution condenses multiple cables into one, eliminating unnecessary clutter.

The Hemisphere S631 / S321+ / S321 External Radio Cable is your all-in-one solution for effortlessly connecting your external radio to your receiver. With its receiver port, external radio port, and trailer plug adapter, it covers all your connectivity requirements in a single, efficient package. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple cables and embrace streamlined, simplified connectivity.

Product details

  • Trailer Plug Power Adapter
  • 5-Pin Receiver Power Correction Port Plug
  • 5-Pin External Radio Connector

Package includes

  • Hemisphere S631 / S321+ / S321 External Radio Cable


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