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GeoMeasure Base Radio Power Kit



The GeoMeasure Base Battery Kit is used to power a base receiver in place of internal batteries. Assembled by our team, these kits have been thought through for optimal performance. Pre – attached eyelet cables eliminate the need for alligator clips and the fuss that come with them. The smart charger included ensures the battery isn’t overcharged. We assemble our battery kits with the future in mind; we want them to last, no matter the weather conditions or usage the kits get.


  • Rugged 12 V Battery
  • Deep Cycle -40 Degrees Celcius Rating
  • Eyelet to Trailer Plug Cables for Easy Setup
  • Smart Charger Prevents Overcharging


  • 12V-33Ah Battery, Sealed Lead Acid
  • SAE (Trailer Plug) cables with 15 Amp Fuse (QTY= 2)
  • Hard impact shipping case (Yellow)
  • Base battery charger Smart Charger


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