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StormCaster Cloud Based RTK Subscriptions

StormCaster is not just a revolutionary GNSS solution; it’s a complete package tailored for surveyors. By subscribing to the cloud-based StormCaster service, you’re not just a user; you become the owner of your GNSS reference network, with the full backing of Bench Mark’s technical expertise. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to seamlessly switch out network rovers and establish reference stations wherever your projects require. This unparalleled freedom sets StormCaster apart from other reference networks, making it a truly versatile and customizable solution. With scalability options to match the number of GPS Network Rovers you employ, Bench Mark offers a survey-ready system that caters to your specific needs.

Incorporate StormCaster into your surveying toolkit and experience a level of control and flexibility that’s second to none. We put the power in your hands, allowing you to tailor your GNSS reference network to your precise requirements, ultimately enhancing your surveying efficiency and precision. Join the community of forward-thinking surveyors who trust StormCaster to revolutionize their approach to high-precision GNSS.

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Product details

  • Unlimited Range
  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • No Line of Sight Issues
  • Connect Multiple Rovers

Package includes

  • 1 Year of StormCaster Service


StormCaster - Your Own NTRIP Network

Unlock centimeter-level accuracy and repeatability in your positioning with StormCaster, the NTRIP Caster by Bench Mark. This is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid radio issues. Get baselines of 50+ km, without having to worry about line of sight, or having to deal with an external radios. 

Enhanced GNSS Accuracy: StormCaster enables you to gather local corrections from various sources, including your own devices, and build a custom network. By adhering to open industry standards, it delivers correctional data from well-known reference GNSS stations to “rovers” in the field, reducing errors in positional measurements by a factor of 100. Even low-cost devices see significant accuracy improvements.

Flexible Network Models: StormCaster offers various product models to suit your network needs. Customize your network depending on the number of base stations, rovers and machines you need to connect. Customize your solution based on your needs. 

Easy Setup: StormCaster makes it easy to federate data streams and provide corrections to end users via a standard NTRIP link. Connect your rover devices wirelessly over the internet, cellular networks, or Wi-Fi. You can also directly connect to a local reference station if needed.

Cost-Effective Solution: StormCaster is a cost-effective solution that supports the growing RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) revolution, providing high-precision results with affordable positioning equipment. It’s ideal for industries like precision agriculture, construction, drone control, and more. Replace your external radio, and stop dealing with bulky and cumbersome setups. 

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