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Microsurvey Survey Software

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MicroSurvey Fieldgenius Software

Why Buy From Bench Mark?

Our experienced and professional staff have training and experience in geomatics, surveying, and civil engineering, meaning we understand the pressures of field surveying. At Bench Mark, we are consistently researching new products and technologies that can help improve productivity in the field. Canada’s own MicroSurvey FieldGenius software meets this objective through its user-friendly interfacing and full-feature capabilities. MicroSurvey FieldGenius is the most intuitive system we’ve ever used. However, if you do happen to encounter any issues, we offer guaranteed tech support solutions. Interfacing between surveyors and their equipment, data collection software is another essential tool for your surveying tool belt, and Bench Mark carries only the best. We endorse FieldGenius for its device-neutral functionality, code-free linework, advanced 3D features, and survey centric system. Allow us to make your job easier; order the MicroSurvey software today.

  • Code free linework
  • It’s Brand Neutral (can be used on any equipment)
  • Safety and Speed with Groupcodes
  • Efficient Staking and Layout
  • Easy DGN import

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FieldGenius is device neutral data collection software. The FieldGenius survey software package supports the most hardware of any survey software on the market and adds new survey equipment drivers as the equipment becomes available. FieldGenius does not restrict any hardware and incorporates no geo-fences. For a list of all compatible hardware, click here

MicroSurvey FieldGenius includes innovative code free linework to increase your productivity. There is no need to pre-define codes, and lines can have the same descriptors. Points can be added with a click and missing segments can be added with the pencil tool. Adding lines is as simple as selecting an option and taking a shot!

MicroSurvey FieldGenius supports all types of survey equipment. FieldGenius Standard supports GNSS/GPS and Total Station and MicroSurvey Premium supports Robotic Total Stations. MicroSurvey Premium also includes the roading option.

FieldGenius: America’s Choice For Survey Software

Everything You Need to Know

MicroSurvey first released FieldGenius nearly 20 years ago, and they’ve taken advantage of user feedback over the years to improve and simplify the software. Because FieldGenius has had an extended product life, the software currently supports the most survey equipment of any survey data collection software on the market. FieldGenius is essentially device-neutral, compatible with everything from RTK & GNSS receivers to robotic total stations and total stations. There are virtually no hardware restrictions or geofences, and MicroSurvey continues to add new survey system drivers with every release. FieldGenius also runs on Windows mobile data collectors, ruggedized tablets running Windows desktop software, total stations running integrated WinCE, and Android devices.v

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MicroSurvey Software With GPS & GNSS Functionality

Experience the Fully Featured Benefits of FieldGenius

The total station and GPS & GNSS options on FieldGenius include advanced functions such as high visibility staking views and 3D line and point viewing in addition to all other standard survey features. Included in the premium package are advanced roading and robotic total station features which add several additional options, including real-time mapping, 3D volume and area calculations, and real-time surface modelling and staking, zone widening, and super elevation, and the ability to display a rendered surface with shading and contouring. MicroSurvey’s brilliant FieldGenius software provides the most functionality for the lowest price, and all this functionality leads to higher levels of productivity. MicroSurvey software also features code-free linework. Unlike other survey software packages, FieldGenius requires no predefined codes; all linework is created in 3D and lines can be made up of arcs, splines and straight segments. Get the best survey equipment and software with guaranteed after-sales support from Bench Mark.