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Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Pole clamp & Cradel

Built tough and intuitive to use, Geomeasure’s Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 cradle is a great tool for attaching your collector to a pole. The streamlined metal design of these new cradles are tailored to the body of a collector, and with their ‘anti-crush’ feature, greatly reduce the risk of damage.

Product details

  • Made of Durable Anodized Aluminum
  • Plug Directly into Quick Release Clamp
  • Allegro 2 / Surveyor 2 Compatible

Package includes

  • Pole Clamp
  • Data Collector Cradle


The Seco Data Collector Cradle includes an adjustable screw clamp that will securely hold your data collector in place without damaging your pole or your data collector. The cradle is also designed for Carlson’s Surveyor 2 and Juniper’s Allegro 2.

Does not include pole attachment, only cradle.


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