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GeoMeasure 6' Tripod Extension Pole



The GeoMeasure 6′ Extension Pole is used in conjunction with the GeoMeasure 100% Fibreglass Tripod to raise the height of an antenna for better radio reception. Setup is easy, and an extra six feet on top of a tripod can make the difference between getting the fix and purchasing a new network subscription or an external radio.


  • 5/8 in Thread
  • Easy Snap Extension
  • Ring to Tighten at Max Height


  • 6 ft Extension Pole
  • Tripod Spacer Ring
  • Soft Carry Case


Maximize Radio Capability

A 6 foot extension pole for your antenna will do wonders to help you get over obstacles that would otherwise block the signal.


Easy Setup

The six foot extension pole has a snap-lock with several fixed heights, and includes a tighten ring to firmly hold the equipment in place.


Easy to Transport

The soft carry bag protects the pole and features a few interior pockets and easy carry handles.


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