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The DS100 is engineered for survey-grade accuracy, enabling simultaneous depth and position measurements when paired with an RTK Rover. Equipped with a 10-hour lithium battery and a Bluetooth-enabled transmitter unit, it delivers standard depth data streams in various NMEA formats at 1Hz, 4800 bps, ensuring seamless integration with any Hydrographic Surveying software.

Ideal for hydrographic surveying, the SWEGEO DS100 is optimized to work flawlessly with any RTK system. Its Bluetooth connectivity and 10-hour battery life guarantee uninterrupted operations throughout the day, eliminating concerns about power depletion while using the sounder.

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Product details

Package includes

  • DS100 Sounder Electronics Module
  • DS100 Transducer, w/ Cable and Connector
  • Charging Cable
  • Boat Mount Bracket
  • USB Charger


The DS100, a compact survey-grade depth sounder, operates effectively from depths of 30 cm to 100 meters. It offers standard depth string streams ($SDDPT, $SDDBT, $YXMTW) at 1Hz, 4800 bps, ensuring compatibility with all Hydrographic Surveying Software packages. Powered by an internal lithium battery, the SWEGEO provides over 10 hours of continuous operation independently. Its straightforward usability requires a simple power-on for immediate operation, logging position and depth data to any external compatible logging device. Included mounting accessories simplify sounder and transducer attachment, facilitating easy RTK GNSS receiver mounting. Moreover, the SWEGEO housing boasts an IP67 rating, ensuring operational efficiency in challenging environmental conditions.


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