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Used Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro Radio Kit


The ADL Vantage Pro 35W Radio Kit is the ultimate data link for flexibility, precision and performance. Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 kHz radios, with a frequency range of 430-473 MHz, and 35 watts of power you have the flexibility to adjust your settings if needed. You can choose these settings even just in the field, by means of its multi-function user interface. The ADL Vantage Pro is heavy-duty, rugged and environmentally sealed to IP67 standard.


  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 4 Years Old
  • 2 – 35 Watt
  • 390-73 Mhz Range


  • ADL Vantage Pro Radio
  • Long Range Whip Antenna
  • Radio Mount Cable
  • Radio Antenna Cable
  • Hardcase
  • Radio Mast Tripod Sold Separately


ADL Vantage Pro


The Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro is the most popular external radio solution we sell. It features advanced, high speed, high power, wireless data links, built to give the external radio the flexibility to get the job done.


The Pacific Crest ADL Vantage Pro is also highly customisable in order to meet your range requirements – this radio can use power anywhere from 2W to 35W, with 35W providing the best range. Capable of broadcasting on 430-473 MHz, this radio always has a channel that will work for you. There is no need to stop working when you encounter interference, simply change the channel and continue to work.


Radio configuration and troubleshooting can be done in the field because of the multi-function user interface. By simply using the navigation arrows, change everything from the power setting, from the radio frequency to the message type.


The ADL Vantage Pro’s heavy duty all-metal construction allows for the ultimate impact and EMI resistance, and it is environmentally sealed to an IP67 standard. The radio is completely waterproof, and its advanced 40 MHz bandwidth allows for advanced data link design for high performance over the entire bandwidth. Compatible with both 12.5 and 25 kHz radios.


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