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(3.3) GeoMax Zoom 10 Total Station



GeoMax’s entry-level TPS, the Zoom10 is a great solution for construction surveyors because it is efficient, simple and affordable. Its features only bring this point home, including easy-to use and understand onboarding software, plus bluetooth capability to provide guided surveys via XPAD. In the end, all your data gets processed on just one platform. But most of these usability features are shared by the entire Zoom family; what really makes the Zoom10 special is its affordability in relation to its value. Also, because with all GeoMax products undergo a Hexagon quality control check, you know you’re getting bang for your buck.


  • Bluetooth wireless technology makes the Zoom10 accessible for real-time communication and compatible with X-PAD android solution
  • Multiple data transfer options including SD card and Micro-USB port
  • Adjustable backlight of the screen and the keyboard offers visible conditions to work in any environment
  • Dual-axis compensator for auto error elimination and accuracy compensation
  • Data storage allows to save up to 20’000 points in ASCII format
  • Easy onboard software that follow the Zoom family workflow
  • 2″ Accuracy
  • 350m Reflectorless
  • Laser Plummet
  • Bluetooth, USB & SD Ports
  • On-board Software
  • 100% Compatible with MicroSurvey FieldGenius 10.


  • Zoom10 2″ Manual Total Station, Dual-Axis Compensator, 2 Keyboards b/w Display
  • 2 x ZBA10 Li-Ion Batteries
  • 1 x ZCH10 Charger &ZAD10 Adapter for ZBA10
  • 1 x ZDC10 USB Cable for Zoom10
  • 1 x ZTC10 Carry Case for Zoom10
  • 1 x Zoom10 Tool Set and Brush
  • 1 x ZMS10 USB Stick (USB A & USB mini)


The GeoMax’s Zoom10 is efficient because it is simple to use. It is simple because it’s user friendly. And it’s user-friendly because it shares the onboard software workflow that all products in the Zoom family feature: easy operation, maximum efficientcy.  The Zoom10 has added Bluetooth functionality, meaning it can operate the full range of XPAD and give you guided productivity whether in the field or the office. All your data is processed just on one platform. Each Zoom10 is complete with a Hexagon quality control check, to insure you’re getting value for your dollar.


The dual-axis Zoom10 is sure to provide 2” accuracy and a 350mm range for reflectorless measurements, so you can not only be efficient but also precise and professional.


To give you maximum flexibility, the Zoom10 comes with two displays, either of which the software can be operated from. Also included is a dual-axis compensator to eliminate auto error and provide accuracy compensation, plus the Zoom10’s data storage allows to save up to 20’000 points in ASCII format.


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