The CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 is the ultimate UAV scanner. With an integrated scanner and camera, you can do photogrammetry and Lidar at the same time. With 450 m of range, and 1 kg of weight, you can maximize coverage in reduced flight operations. Save time and money with the CHCNAV AlphaAir 450.

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  • 1 kg
  • 10 cm Hz, 5 cm V
  • 570 pts/sqm @ 50 m
  • 280 pts/sqm @ 100 m
  • Max Range 450 m
  • 240,000 – 720 000 pts/sec


  • AlphaAir 450 Mobile Mapping Unit
  • Livox AVIA Scan Head
  • 24 MP Camera
  • Data Cable
  • Transport Container
  • GNSS Antenna
  • M300 Antenna Mount


The CHCNAV AlphaAir 450 LiDAR is the easy to use easy to install LiDAR unit from CHCNAV. The AlphaAir450 is designed to be used with either the CHCNAV BB4 drone, or the DJI M300. With easy to use software, and a highly precise LiDAR unit, the AlphaAir 450 can meet any of your needs.


Lightest in Class

One of the most important things to consider when taking a LiDAR unit into the real world is the weight of the unit. The heavier the unit, the more limited your flight time, and the less efficent you are. The AlphaAir 450 integrates the camera into the scanner, allowing you to do you photogrammetry and LiDAR data collection at the same time, all while boasting one of the lightest weights in the industry at 1 kg.


Flexible Integration

The AlphaAir 450 is designed to be as flexible as possible, and avoid tying you into a system. This LiDAR unit can be integrated into your existing UAV fleet. The AlphaAir 450 can be used with CHCNAV’s BB4 multirotor, DJI’s M300 and other VTOL and drone packages. With the integrated Skyport, the AlphaAir 450 can easily be integrated with any DJI platform, as well as any custom solutions.



The AlphaAir 450 is deisgned to get the survey done as quickly as possible while being as accurate as possible. The AlphaAir 450 can scan at ranges up to 450 m. This does not comprimise good data coverage either. At a height of 100m, and a 10 m/s velocity, the AlphaAir 450 can collect data on a 2 square km area with a 200 pts per meter cubed density. Get a quick ROI with the Alpha Air 450.


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