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A man sets up a Hemisphere S631 GNSS Receiver in front of a city.

Hemisphere GPS & GNSS systems

About the Hemisphere brand

In business for over 23 years, Hemisphere GPS is responsible for numerous patents and intellectual property. Hemisphere GPS is a global company, with sales in over 55 countries, specializing in the marine, mapping and land surveying equipment industries, incorporating both global positioning and navigation. Several advancements in the surveying industry are due to the innovations introduced by Hemisphere. They provide board-level OEM solutions, innovative smart antenna technology, and receiver systems. Hemisphere equipment is capable and versatile. Solutions are cost-effective and easy-to-use with convenient integration into machine control applications or stand-alone functionality.


GNSS, or Global Navigational Satellite System, is a global term that encompasses the different positioning constellations used for precision location. GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and Galileo are all GNSS systems. If precision location equipment is referred to as GNSS, it means the equipment is capable of using a positioning signal from more than one of the previously mentioned constellations.

Bench Mark offers the complete range of Hemisphere GNSS precision products. Hemisphere produces heading antennas, precision GNSS antennas and precision GNSS receivers for all applications. From navigation to surveying, Hemisphere has a precision GNSS product.

GPS or GNSS positioning systems are typically accurate to within a meter. Using a satellite based correction, such as WAAS (available in North America), can increase your precision to 30-50 cm. Post-Processing of your GNSS observation or a real-time kinematic system can achieve accuracy of 1-2 cm. The best accuracy achievable with a stand-alone receiver in real-time is using L-Band Corrections. Hemisphere offers a cutting-edge L-Band solution called Atlas. 10 cm accuracy is possible with Atlas L-Band corrections.

What makes Hemisphere GNSS GPS systems the best in the USA

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Hemisphere RTK GPS and GNSS receivers in America have a variety of performance advantages over consumer-grade GPS receivers. Consumer-grade GPS receivers are used in non-precision applications such as basic navigation, asset tracking, fleet management, mobile phones, and other applications that require less accuracy. Hemisphere GPS GNSS receivers, on the other hand, are used in precision applications that require reliable positioning in the most demanding applications. For more than 20 years, Hemisphere has manufactured professional-level GPS receivers for a variety of industries including surveying, precision agriculture, marine navigation, machine control, and aerial guidance. At Bench Mark, we carry the best-selling products like the Hemisphere S321 as well as several other Hemisphere RTK systems. You can learn more about the Hemisphere line of products by giving us a call!

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Hemisphere RTK systems

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By offering the right technology for your application, Hemisphere GPS has become one of the premier GNSS equipment manufacturers worldwide. At Bench Mark, we know Hemisphere products inside and out. Our application-specific solutions enable us to provide you with the most precise solution for your survey equipment needs at the best value. We hold to a commitment to provide you with the highest level of support for your GNSS equipment with the greatest convenience, ensuring maximum field time. Bench Mark is the top distributor for Hemisphere GPS & GNSS products in the USA. We apply our extensive product knowledge and history to provide you with relevant and beneficial support regarding all Hemisphere devices. We guarantee to have some of the most competitive prices in the industry, saving you up to 50% compared to competitors. Call us and experience all the benefits of working with Bench Mark.