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Surveying Rods & Poles

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Surveying Rods & Poles

Why buy from Bench Mark?

Surveying poles and rods are essential tools and should be in every surveyors tool kit. These accessories are a mandatory piece of any surveyors kit. Without a good quality pole, you cannot get the most out of your RTK equipment and total stations

Without a good quality pole, surveyors cannot get the most out of their survey equipment. High-quality poles are made from durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiver, which offer stability and resist bending or warping under different conditions. They often feature adjustable lengths, lightweight designs, and secure locking mechanisms, ensuring you get the measurements you need.

The integration of these features ensures that surveyors can achieve precise and reliable results, whether they are mapping out large tracts of land, establishing property boundaries, or conducting construction site surveys. Therefore, investing in high-quality surveying poles and rods is essential for maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of modern surveying equipment.


Surveying poles and rods are typically made from materials like aluminum, fibreglass, carbon-fibre and wood. Aluminum and carbon-fibre are favored for their durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to environmental factors like moisture and temperature changes. These materials ensure that the poles remain stable and provide accurate measurements over time.

The right surveying pole or rod depends on the specific requirements of your surveying tasks. Consider factors such as the type of surveying you are performing, the environmental conditions, and the compatibility with your surveying equipment (e.g., RTK systems, total stations). Additionally, look for features like adjustable height, secure locking mechanisms, and visibility markings to enhance usability and accuracy.

High-quality surveying poles and rods are crucial for ensuring the precision of measurements. Poor-quality poles can bend, warp, or have inconsistent markings, leading to inaccurate data. Reliable poles provide a stable and consistent reference point, allowing advanced equipment like RTK systems and total stations to deliver precise and dependable results.

To maintain surveying poles and rods, regularly inspect them for any signs of damage, such as bends, cracks, or worn-out markings. Clean them after each use to remove dirt and debris that could affect accuracy. Store them in a dry, secure place to prevent damage from environmental factors. Regular calibration checks are also recommended to ensure that the measurements remain precise.

Why You Should Buy from Bench-Mark

Your Source for High-Quality Accessories

At Bench-Mark, we understand the critical role that high-quality surveying equipment plays in achieving accurate and reliable results. Our surveying poles and rods are selected due to their precision and durability, making them the ideal choice for professional surveyors. When paired with your RTK systems and total stations, you’ll achieve unparalleled precision in your surveying projects.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the latest surveying technologies, Bench-Mark poles and rods come equipped with reflective targets, prisms, and even electronic sensors, ensuring compatibility with modern digital equipment. Trusted by professionals worldwide, Bench-Mark’s products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Choosing a Bench-Mark surveying pole or rod means investing in reliability, accuracy, and ease of use, elevating your surveying work to the next level.

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Survey poles are crucial to modern surveying as they provide precise reference points that ensure accurate measurements and data collection. These poles, essential for establishing straight lines and accurate angles, enable instruments like total stations and RTK systems to function optimally, reducing errors and enhancing survey accuracy. Designed to integrate with advanced digital technologies, modern survey poles often feature reflective targets or prisms for automatic, precise readings, streamlining the process and improving efficiency. Their durability and adjustability allow surveyors to work in diverse conditions, making survey poles indispensable for topographic mapping, construction planning, and property boundary delineation.