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Seco GPS Truck Door Mounting Bracket

Seco’s GPS Truck Door Bracket makes it possible for you to survey from your truck. This bracket securely fastens a GPS pole and rover receiver to the door of your survey truck. Its rubber-ended, ergonomic mount makes the bracket is easy to put on and take off. Simple for setup, use, and takedown. Compared to traditional surveying methods, the minutes you will save – even hours – are countless.

Product details

  • Features a non-damaging mount
  • Safety strap under tension to keep it on the door
  • The bracket fits most midsize to fullsize trucks, and SUVs
  • The door opens and closes with the bracket attached to the door
  • The bracket holds all GPS- and RTK-type poles
  • Weighs 2.8 kg (6.2 lb)

Package includes

  • GPS Truck Door Bracket


The Seco Truck Door Mounting Bracket, which easily attaches to the door of your truck, allows you to utilize both the mobility and comfort of your truck while surveying. You can even shut the door and drive with the unit attached.



As with all Seco products, this unit is durable and trusted to last. Rubber pads that push against the top and bottom of the door to both protect your door and mitigate vibration.


Ridiculously Convenient

The rover pole is fastened in three places to the clamp and held securely in place. Simply pull up to your pin, hop out and get the shot. Setup has never been easier.



This mount is functional in countless different applications, including grade checking, TOPOs, estimating, RTK surveying, and site preparation.


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