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GeoMeasure Mini Prism Set



Geo-Measure’s Mini Prism Set is the key to increasing your accuracy when compared to traditional, larger prisms. With the smaller target, discrepancies in measurements are virtually eliminated. Our Geo-Measure mini prism sets include a prism assembly and four screw-on aluminum rods. A 1.2 m long aluminium prism pole is also included in an aluminium container, an all-metal tilting assembly. To compliment the prism, included within the case is a 5/8″ tribrach adapter and plumb-bob hook.


  • Aluminum rod extends to 1.2 m (3′ 11″)
  • Prism Offset of 0 constant
  • Mini Prism: 25.4 mm (1″)


  • Prism assembly
  • Four screw-on aluminum rods
  • Aluminum tube packing
  • Soft Carry case






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