GeoMeasure SDJ-02 (2") Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer


The SDJ-02 Geo-Measure Theodolite is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It features several smart features, including the new single horizontal spindle with cross telescope to increase precision, stability and shock resistance. Also included is the absolute angle encoder, which displays angles without the need to pass 0. The SDJ-02 is sealed against water and dust, as is proven by its IP66 rating, and performs even in bad environments.


  • Special design: single horizontal spindle with cross telescope, new design concept, higher precision, better stable and shock resistance ability.
  • Absolute angle encoder system: able to read angle data without passing “0”.  Lets angle measurement be more simple and convenient.
  • Laser Plummet for easy point location.
  • Large display: backlight technology, displays horizontal and vertical angle at the same time.  Convenient to use in different conditions.
  •  Superior water and dust proof specification IP66.  Maintains good performance even in bad environment.
  • Built in Laser Pointer for Easy Point Location
  • 2″ Accuracy


  • SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite
  • Case
  • Manual
  • 2 Batteries + Charger
  • Plumb Bob


Simple, Straightforward Design

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite is simple and easy to use, for those survey tasks that don’t need the fancy accessories of mainstream theodolites. Its telescope is large and easy to use, with a 30 x magnification ratio for longer distances.


Less Fuss

Containing an absolute angle encoder, the SDJ-02 allows angles to be read without passing 0. This makes for incredible convenience.



The SDJ-02 features an IP66 environmental rating, so you can survey even in the most horrible of environments. In addition, the single horizontal spindle with cross telescope is designed for better stability and shock resistance.


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