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GeoMeasure SDJ-02 (2″) Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite reimagines surveying tools with its simplistic yet efficient design, prioritizing ease of use without compromising accuracy. Its user-friendly features, including a large telescope with a 30x magnification ratio, ensure precise measurements across vast distances, catering to professionals seeking straightforward functionality in their survey tasks. A standout attribute, the absolute angle encoder, streamlines angle measurements by eliminating the need to pass through zero, boosting convenience and efficiency in survey operations, ultimately saving valuable time.

Designed to thrive in challenging conditions, the SDJ-02 boasts an IP66 environmental rating, showcasing its robustness against harsh environments. Featuring a single horizontal spindle with a cross telescope, it not only enhances stability but also bolsters shock resistance, empowering surveyors to perform accurately in adverse terrains and weather conditions. This digital theodolite stands as a reliable and durable tool, delivering precision without complexity, making it an ideal choice for professionals prioritizing simplicity and resilience in their surveying endeavors.

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Product details

  • Special design: single horizontal spindle with cross telescope, new design concept, higher precision, better stable and shock resistance ability.
  • Absolute angle encoder system: able to read angle data without passing “0”.  Lets angle measurement be more simple and convenient.
  • Laser Plummet for easy point location.
  • Large display: backlight technology, displays horizontal and vertical angle at the same time.  Convenient to use in different conditions.
  •  Superior water and dust proof specification IP66.  Maintains good performance even in bad environment.
  • Built in Laser Pointer for Easy Point Location
  • 2″ Accuracy

Package includes

  • SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite
  • Case
  • Manual
  • 2 Batteries + Charger
  • Plumb Bob


SDJ-02 Theodolite

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite stands as an epitome of simplicity and efficiency, redefining the landscape of surveying tools by offering a streamlined approach without compromising on accuracy. Tailored for tasks that prioritize straightforward functionality over intricate accessories, this instrument embodies ease of use at its core. Its design boasts a generously-sized telescope with a 30x magnification ratio, ensuring precision across extensive distances while providing a user-friendly experience for professionals.

Where complexity is reduced to a minimum, the SDJ-02 integrates an absolute angle encoder, a standout feature that revolutionizes angle measurement. By allowing angles to be read without the need to pass through zero, this digital theodolite offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in survey tasks, simplifying operations and facilitating swift measurements with exceptional accuracy.

Crafted to thrive in demanding conditions, the SDJ-02 boasts an impressive IP66 environmental rating, a testament to its rugged durability and resilience against even the harshest environments. Its robust construction, featuring a single horizontal spindle and cross telescope, not only enhances stability but also bolsters shock resistance, ensuring reliable performance in challenging terrains and adverse weather conditions. Surveyors can confidently rely on the SDJ-02’s steadfastness, enabling precise measurements without constraints, regardless of the environmental challenges encountered.

The GeoMeasure SDJ-02 Digital Theodolite redefines simplicity in the surveying realm, offering a harmonious balance between straightforward functionality and unwavering durability. Tailored for professionals seeking a no-nonsense yet robust tool for accurate surveying tasks, this instrument stands as a beacon of reliability and ease, enhancing the efficiency and precision of survey operations in diverse environments.


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