GeoMeasure SAE Trailer Plug to Eyelets Power Cable


With the GeoMeasure SAE Trailer Plug to Eyelets Power Cable, you can permanently attach an SAE trailer plug to your external battery. This eliminates setup every time, as well as the risk of causing a short, which could cause damage to your equipment.


  • Permanently Attach a Trailer Plug to 12V Battery
  • Two Battery Eyelet Contacts
  • 1 Trailer Plug Adapter
  • 15 Amp Fuse
  • 6 ft. Long


  • 1 6ft SAE Trailer Plug Eyelets Power Cable



Built in 15 amp fuse eliminates a potential surge damaging your equipment.



The rubber exterior coating acts as a protective sheild from the elements, designed to last you ages.


Easy and Practical

How often can the alligator clips be a pain to setup? The answer is too often, but not when you use an eyelet power cable. The easy install eyelets and the shrouded durable trailer plug keep the cable firmly in place.


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