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GeoMeasure G3 Automatic Surveyor’s Grade Level

Designed for precision and simplicity, the G3-32X level streamlines surveying tasks with ease. Its two-knob control system ensures swift and accurate measurements, allowing effortless focus adjustment and horizontal movement with either hand. With an IP67 environmental rating, this level stands resilient in demanding work environments, delivering consistent performance on even the busiest job sites.

Compatible with all 5/8″ thread screws and tripods, this level eliminates the need for additional accessories, seamlessly working with flat or domed head tripods. Equipped with a telescoping aluminum rod featuring easy-to-read measurements, it’s built for durability and precision, ensuring every shot counts without guesswork. The Geaomeasure G3-32X isn’t just a tool; it’s a precision instrument crafted for efficiency and accuracy in every surveying task.

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Product details

  • Automatic compensator; stable against vibrations and shock.
  • Sturdy, compact, and tightly sealed against humidity and dust (IP67)
  • Quick and easy to set up; simple to sight
  • Fast and easy aiming, operable with the right or left hand.

Package includes

  • G3-32x Auto Surveyor’s Grade Level
  • Carry Case
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Tripod
  • Rod – Foot/Inches or Metric


G3 Level

Precision meets simplicity with the G3-32X, a level designed to streamline your surveying tasks. Engineered with top-notch specifications, this level ensures accuracy and efficiency in every measurement.

Key Specifications:

  • Error Margin: 1 Km Error ≤ 1.5mm
  • Magnification: 32x
  • Objective Aperture: 42mm
  • Resolving Power: ≤ 3.5”
  • Angle of View: 1” 20’
  • Image: Erect
  • Reticle: Cross Reticle (Wedge Option)
  • Minimum View Distance: ≤ 0.3m
  • View Distance Error: ≤ ± 0.4%
  • Focusing Error: ≤ 0.5m
  • Automatic Compensator: Magnetic damper
  • Working Range: ≤ ± 15’
  • Compensating Error: ≤ 0.3”
  • Setting Accuracy: ≤ 0.5”
  • Setting Time: ≤ 2s
  • Bubble: 10’ / 2mm
  • Scale: 1˚ or 1 log
  • Water Resistance: JIS C 0920 ip x6
  • Weight Level: N.W.: 1.8 Kgs / G.W.: 3 Kgs
  • Package: Plastic case in small carton, four small cartons in a big carton.
  • Big Carton Size: 41.5 cm * 31.5 cm * 41 cm
  • Dimensions: Width 130 mm (5.12 IN.), Length 215 mm (8.46 in.), Height 140 mm (5.51 in.)
  • Weight: 1.85 Kg (4.1 lbs)

Features That Set It Apart:

  1. Effortless Precision: Simplified controls with two knobs for sighting and focus adjustment ensure quick and precise measurements. Easily maneuverable with either hand, allowing seamless horizontal movement.

  2. Rugged Durability: Boasting an IP67 environmental rating, this level thrives in demanding work environments, delivering consistent performance on the busiest of job sites.

  3. Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all 5/8″ thread screws and tripods, eliminating the need for additional accessories. Works effortlessly with both flat and domed head tripods, thanks to the built-in tribach.

  4. Telescoping Level Rod: Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the telescoping rod ensures you always capture the perfect shot. Built to withstand rigorous use and equipped with large, easy-to-read measurements for accuracy without guesswork.

Invest in Efficiency and Accuracy:

The Geaomeasure G3-32X isn’t just a tool; it’s a precision instrument designed to make your surveying tasks seamless and accurate. Built to last and engineered for performance, it’s the level that simplifies complexity and ensures your measurements are always spot-on.


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