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GeoMeasure AT-28x Automatic Engineer's Grade Level Package


GeoMeasure’s AT-28x Automatic Grade Level is easy to set up, affordable, and provides reliable and accurate imaging. This Grade Level comes with an adjustable built-in bubble mirror that can be manouvered to view the circular bubble.  A built-in optical peep sight and large double-sided endless tangentmallow for easy targeting with either hand. You can clearly see the imaging from the AT-28x. In addition, a reliable automatic compensator ensures stability and accuracy in the line of sight, and a short focusing distance performs in tight environments and on steep slopes. The metal structure makes for a weatherproof, rugged design to ensure the instruments can continue working even in the rain, dust, sleet, and snow.


  • Improved structure of rack and gear system avoid dislocation.
  • Reliable air-damping, wire-hung compensator with X wire design.
  • Excellent sealed structure for using in any weather conditions.
  • 5/8″X11 threads to fit standard tripod, suitable for both flat and dome head tripod


  • AT-28x Automatic Engineering Grade Level
  • Carrying Case
  • Rod – Foot/Inches or Metric
  • Heavy Duty Fiberglass Construction Tripod


Bubble Mirror

The adjustable built-in bubble mirror allows one to see the circular bubble clearly. Also included in the AT-28x is a built-in optical peep sight and large double-sided endless tangentmallow for ease of targeting.



With the AT-28x you get clear imaging, stability and accuracy in the line of sight. The AT-28x performs better in both tight environments and on steep slopes, and with the small horizontal scale can take quick and easy measurements.



The housing is made of rugged metal and provides increased durability. Weatherproof housing and rubber and plastic controls suit the rugged surveyor’s lifestyle perfectly. When paired with our heavy duty wooden tripod, this setup is sturdy, simple and straightforward to use. As for the level rod, we have a lightweight aluminum telescoping rod, built to work and built to last.


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