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GeoMax Zenith 60 Construction RTK Receiver

Welcome to the Zenith60, a calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna designed for construction supervisors. Paired with the intuitive X-PAD field software and GeoMax’s dedicated support, this technology streamlines construction supervision tasks, offering a seamless work experience tailored for complex projects. Its tilt capability simplifies measurements and speeds up operations, while the robust design ensures reliable performance in challenging conditions.

With customizable versions and compatibility with a range of field controllers, the Zenith60 and X-PAD software provide flexibility for different project needs. Equipped with 4G LTE and state-of-the-art technology, including reliable RTK data reception and support for future GNSS systems, this solution empowers supervisors with accurate data management and collaboration tools through X-PAD 365, ensuring efficient project progress and success.

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Product details

  • Advanced IMU Tilt Sensor
  • UHF and Cell Communication
  • FieldGenius and X-PAD Compatible
  • Powered by NovAtel Technology

Package includes

  • Zenith 60 Receivers
  • Batteries
  • Hard Case
  • Antennas
  • Charging Cables
  • Chargers
  • HI Tape


GeoMax's Zenith 60 RTK Receiver

Welcome to the Zenith60, a groundbreaking calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna designed specifically for construction supervisors. Paired with the intuitive X-PAD field software, field controllers, and dedicated support from GeoMax, this technology revolutionizes the construction site, ensuring a seamless, adaptable, and efficient work experience tailored for the rigors of supervising complex construction projects. As part of the Hexagon group, GeoMax guarantees that the Zenith60 aligns perfectly with your construction workflow, providing reliable solutions at every stage of your project.

The Zenith60 empowers construction supervisors by simplifying tasks with its tilt capability, allowing for accurate measurements of inaccessible points and significantly speeding up operations without the need for time-consuming leveling procedures. Its calibration-free design means you can activate the tilt feature with a simple motion, saving crucial time and enhancing productivity on site. Built to withstand the demands of the construction environment, the Zenith60’s robust construction ensures reliable performance, even in challenging conditions.

User Friendly Surveying

Experience the user-friendly X-PAD field software, meticulously designed with input from construction supervisors to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. Gain access to real-time support via TeamViewer and take advantage of tutorials in the X-PAD 365 Virtual Training Academy for continuous learning and skill development—all without additional maintenance costs.

Customize your Zenith60 to suit your specific construction supervision needs, choosing from four different versions that cater to tilt capability and UHF module preferences. Whether you’re overseeing surveying tasks or construction layout operations, the tailored X-PAD Ultimate versions offer compatibility with a range of field controllers, providing you with the flexibility to work seamlessly with your preferred devices on site.

Equipped with 4G LTE and the robust SATEL TR4+ UHF radio, the Zenith60 ensures reliable RTK data reception, empowering construction supervisors with accurate and up-to-date information for effective decision-making on the job. Its state-of-the-art technology supports current GNSS systems and signals, ensuring future-proof performance for upcoming advancements in the construction industry.

Experience efficient data management and collaboration through X-PAD 365, the GeoMax cloud platform designed to address the unique challenges faced by construction supervisors. Seamlessly access, store, and share data using the X-PAD 365 File Manager, with automatic backups ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable project data. Collaborate with ease using the Collaborative Survey and Stakeout feature, allowing multiple users to work together on surveying and stakeout projects in real time, enhancing communication and project progress visibility. The Zenith60 and X-PAD field software combination is your go-to solution for streamlining construction supervision tasks and ensuring project success.


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