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Construction Levels

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The laser level is used in many different construction situations and is the easiest way to set your elevation to grade. A construction auto-level requires two-person operation and a degree of training. At Bench Mark, our construction levels come with 2-5 year warranties, and we also perform all repairs in-house. With proper care and regular maintenance, these devices will operate with optimal functionality for up to 20 years. Whether you are in the market for the ZDL700 or the At-28x, we have the solution for your needs. We pride ourselves in supplying a quality product at an affordable price.


An auto-level, sometimes referred to as a builders level, is an improvement on the “dumpy” level, a traditional surveying instrument. Whereas a dumpy level requires a completely level instrument the automatic compensator in the “auto” level allows for slight variations in the level. The compensator consists of a prism, suspended on wires.

Auto levels are among the simplest survey instruments to use. As you are measuring vertical distances, and the auto level ensures you are perpendicular and viewing in the horizontal plane, all you need is simple addition and subtraction from a reference height.

A digital level is an improvement of traditional level technology. Incorporating similar self-leveling functionality, digital levels also include self-measuring capabilities through a built-in reader that accurately scans the barcode graduated level staff. Not only does the digital level simplify the reading process, but it can also store the readings on internal memory; this removes the potential for user error, in both the reading and data storage process.

When selecting a surveying tripod, consider factors like stability, height, and portability. Ensure that it can support the weight of your surveying equipment and that its height is suitable for your needs. Additionally, look for a tripod that’s easy to transport to various surveying sites.

The GeoMax ZDL700 has several features and accessories that make it an ideal survey tool. When transferring elevations and performing deformation measurement, the GeoMax ZDL700’s ease of use and fast set-up time make it the perfect solution. With the optional 3m ZSA504 fibreglass graduated level staff, this digital level has an accuracy of 0.7mm for a 1km double run. With the included telescopic staff, the ZDL700 features 2mm accuracy over a 1km double run. These results make the GeoMax digital level an outstanding survey tool.

You can buy a digital level from Bench Mark; we carry the GeoMax range of digital levels. These high-accuracy instruments are manufactured by the Hexagon group, a Swedish technology company that owns brands ranging from Leica to Browne and Sharpe. These precision devices are ideal for construction and surveying. Bench Mark will compete to offer you the most affordable price.

Benefits Of The Self-Levelling Laser

The GeoMax Precision

The ZDL700 digital level brings the construction level into the twenty first century. The ZDL700 provides an automatic solution for your level needs. Rather than requiring a field book to record measurements, everything is recorded on board the level. Take all of your measurements in the field, and once you are complete simply download all of the points you have shot. But there is no need to worry about this level being too fragile. With an IP55 environmental rating and shock resistant casing, the ZDL700 can stand up to the conditions you would take your traditional level into. With the onboard computer and surveyor tough build quality, this is the digital level you can trust for years to come.

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From landscapers and building contractors to engineers and surveyors, several industries require the versatile capabilities of a digital builders level. Whether you need to transfer or set a vertical elevation, we have the product you need. Our line of automatic builders levels can be used to measure on any job site accurately. All of our builders levels are checked and calibrated and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Digital builders levels are quick to set up, easy to use, and come in various degrees of accuracy & precision. The GeoMeasure AT-24, AT-28, G3-32X and the GeoMax ZDL700 are some of our best sellers. As with all of our survey equipment, we carry replacement parts for these devices so we can perform all repairs in-house. Get the accuracy and precision you need from Bench Mark.