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What Is the Difference Between GPS & GLONASS?


One of the chief reasons for our interconnected world is the space race. Of course, this is seen by many as a divisive power struggle between two world superpowers, but that is only part of the story. As is often the case in human history, our greatest adversity is also responsible for our greatest advancements. 

In particular, one of the technologies to come out of this tumultuous time is RTK GPS. These systems rely on satellite information to provide helpful data for surveyors, consumers, governments, military personnel and much more. All across the world, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are proving their worth each and every day.

We can observe this in our daily lives, as terms like GPS have become synonymous with location tracking, cell phone usage and other daily parts of our lives. But what is GPS really? How does it relate to RTK GPS and what exactly is GLONASS? We take a look at these questions and do our best to provide helpful answers and additional information, right down below.


What is a GNSS?

To understand the differences between GPS and GLONASS, it is essential to first understand GNSS. This umbrella term refers to any satellite system (constellation) that belongs to the same country, government, or organization. There are many reasons that different parts of the world chose to make their own constellation (not the least of which was the aforementioned space race).

As a result, North Americans tend to think of GPS as a reference to a type of technology. In reality, however, it is simply the name of the American GNSS constellation. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the most robust of the current constellations in orbit, but it is still only one of several.

What Are the Other GNSS?

So, if GPS is just one version of a GNSS, what is GLONASS? Well, you may have already guessed, but if not, it is just another GNSS. This one is run by Russia and provides much of the same functionality as the North American version. Though it has slightly fewer satellites in orbit, this amounts to less accuracy, but not necessarily less coverage.

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