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Hemisphere Vector VS-i8 GNSS INS Receiver


The Hemisphere VS-i8 is a high-precision inertial navigation system (INS) that integrates Hemisphere’s Athena RTK engine with Honeywell’s top of the line IMU technology. Get accurate time-stamped positions, velocity, angular rate, linear acceleration, roll, pitch, and heading information. Designed to be lightweight, compact this solution is ideal for marine, UAV, robotic, mapping, GIS, LiDAR, mobile mappping and applications requiring a high degree of accuracy in a compact position.


  • Athena GNSS Engine
  • Dual Antenna Heading
  • Atlas L-band capable
  • Non-TAR Capable
  • 0.03° Heading on 2m baseline
  • 0.015° Pitch and Roll on 2m baseline
  • Onboard Data Logging
  • SDK, ROS drivers available


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