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Hemisphere Vector VS-i8 GNSS INS Receiver

The Hemisphere VS-i8 is a high-precision inertial navigation system (INS) that integrates Hemisphere’s Athena RTK engine with Honeywell’s top of the line IMU technology. Get accurate time-stamped positions, velocity, angular rate, linear acceleration, roll, pitch, and heading information. Designed to be lightweight, compact this solution is ideal for marine, UAV, robotic, mapping, GIS, LiDAR, mobile mappping and applications requiring a high degree of accuracy in a compact position.

Additional product info

Product details

  • Athena GNSS Engine
  • Dual Antenna Heading
  • Atlas L-band capable
  • Non-TAR Capable
  • 0.03° Heading on 2m baseline
  • 0.015° Pitch and Roll on 2m baseline
  • Onboard Data Logging
  • SDK, ROS drivers available

Package includes

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Hemisphere and Honeywell

Hemisphere and Honeywell have combined to introduce a completely new product to the Hemisphere lineup, an inertial navigation system. For years, Hemisphere has been an industry leader in civilian GNSS positioning technology. They have provided accurate and reliable positioining to the agricultural, marine and survey markets for over 20 years. If you have ever used a Carlson GNSS receiver or an Outback agricultural product you have used a Hemisphere product. They are also behind the incredibly successful Vector series of marine heading antennas, trusted all over the world. Headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona and with offices in Hiawatha Kansas, Calgary Alberta and Winnipeg Manitoba, Hemisphere provides a totally North American solution. Hemisphere GNSS provides support and service in your time zone, so you can always get the help you need in a timely fashion.


Honeywell has been a staple of the American technology and engineering sector for over 100 years. They have always provided robust, reliable and innovative products that have pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible. From producing the first autopilot system, to advanced turbine engines, to GPS satellite systems, Honeywell has provided cutting edge technology to a variety of different sectors. So whether you have an application in defence, survey, marine, or aviation, Honeywell has a product that can meet your needs.


INS Systems

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) allow for the determination of heading, velocity and positioning, even when traditional satellite corrections are lost. This allows for the determination of accurate positions in areas traditionally inaccessible to GNSS products. This includes urban canopies, tunnels, parking garages, mountains and any difficult multipath environments. The INS sensor integrates an inertial motion sensor (IMU), a GNSS receiver, Hemisphere Athena RTK engine and sensor fusion software. This allows for a position to be maintained even when stallite corrections


Hemisphere VS-i8 INS 

This allows for the sub-meter position to be maintained for up to 30 seconds without GNSS corrections. The receiver can maintain velocity accuracies of 0.15 m/s for 60s and heading accuracies of 0.08° for 60 s. This is perfect for those looking to increase the robustness of their UAV, drone and unmanned applications.


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