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Hemisphere S631 / Carlson BRx7 Battery

The BP-5S battery is compatable with the Hemisphere family of receivers including; the Hemisphere S631, Stonex S900A and Carlson BRx7. It is also compatible with the Hemisphere CW400 / P9 data collectors. With the locking channels cut into the battery, you can be assured that your battery is not going to move unexpectedly even if your battery door is not securely locked in place. The smart indicators make it exceptionally easy to check the remaining power in the battery.

Product details

  • Works with Hemisphere S631 / Carlson BRx7 / P9 / CW400
  • 8 Hours of Battery Life
  • 3400 mAh
  • 7.2 V
  • 24.5 Wh

Package includes

  • Works with Hemisphere S631 / Carlson BRx7 / P9 / CW400


Extended Battery Life

When surveying in the field, it is important to have a battery that will last all day. Having to return regularly to your base station to change batteries and reset your base after you run out of power costs you time and money. The Hemisphere S631 has the ability to run up to 12 hours continuously with these internal batteries. Data collectors like the P9 and CW400 can run up to 10 hours off this battery as well. Although nice and compact, with the ability to fit several batteries inside of one pocket, the S631 / BRx7 battery boasts a large 3400 mAh size. This allows for all day use.


The smart indicators make it exceptionally easy to check the charge on the batteries charge. The four levels of charge make it really easy to check on the status of the battery, and with the sliding locks built into the battery it is easy to hot swap the batteries in the field. The BP-5S slots into the receiver and data collector, with locking channels to keep it in place, even if the battery door is not secured. With the locking mechanism of the battery, you can ensure that you never accidentally lose a battery to an unexpected bump while moving in the field.


With the BP-5S you have a battery you can take into the cold or heat and not have to worry about large performance drop offs. They will be able to power your receivers whether it is -30°C or 30°C. Here at Bench-Mark, we have tested these batteries inside our deep freeze, to cruel Canadian winters, to sweltering prairie summers, and they never stopped woking. Base on a Li-Ion cell, you get a robust and well tested battery that you can be confident will power your equipment for years to come.



  • 10-12 Hours with Two Batteries in S631 / BRx7 / S900
  • 10 Hours with One Battery in CW400 / P9
  • 3400 mAh
  • 7.2 V / 24.5 Wh
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Cell


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