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GeoMax Zenith16 Construction RTK Equipment

The Zenith16 GNSS smart antenna is your solution for fast and precise measurements, ensuring efficient completion of high-quality projects. When paired with the X-PAD software and GeoMax field controllers, this combination optimizes your workflow seamlessly from the field to the office within a single, integrated ecosystem. Benefit from top-performing technology powered by Hexagon, offering multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking, precise point positioning (PPP), and rapid convergence times for exceptional accuracy with minimal downtime. Additionally, enjoy a remarkable price-performance ratio with the Zenith16, making it a valuable investment supported by GeoMax’s strong network of training and support services tailored to maximize the value of your product throughout its lifespan. Experience streamlined workflows with the X-PAD Software Suite, specifically designed for tasks such as accurate data capture, secure data transfer, file management, and GNSS static data post-processing. This includes X-PAD Ultimate for dedicated field software and X-PAD Fusion for combining data from GeoMax sensors and third-party sources like UAV data. With the Zenith Manager application, you have the flexibility to configure your receiver independently, further enhancing your open and adaptable workflow.

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Product details

  • Affordable RTK Option
  • L1, L2 RTK Receiver
  • Internal Radio
  • 6h of Battery Life

Package includes

  • Zenith16 Receivers
  • Hard Case
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • Antennas
  • HI Tape


GeoMax's Zenith16 RTK Receiver

Experience a game-changing shift with the Zenith16 GNSS smart antenna, meticulously designed to deliver swift and precise measurements that redefine excellence in construction projects. Seamlessly integrated with the X-PAD software and GeoMax field controllers, the Zenith16 creates a comprehensive workflow that effortlessly connects field operations with office management within a unified, cohesive ecosystem.

At its core, the Zenith16 harnesses the power of Hexagon’s cutting-edge innovations, offering robust capabilities such as multi-frequency, multi-constellation tracking, precise point positioning (PPP), and rapid convergence times. This technological prowess not only enhances accuracy but also minimizes operational downtime, ensuring seamless project execution. With an exceptional price-performance ratio, the Zenith16 becomes a strategic investment for discerning construction supervisors, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

User Friendly Surveying

Choosing the Zenith16 also grants access to the GeoMax family’s robust network of support and training resources, empowering supervisors to maximize the potential and longevity of their investment. Dive into enhanced efficiency with the X-PAD Software Suite, tailored to streamline tasks like precise data capture, secure data transfer, streamlined file management, and precise GNSS static data post-processing. Explore the dedicated GeoMax field software, X-PAD Ultimate, or delve into the limitless possibilities of X-PAD Fusion, seamlessly integrating data from GeoMax sensors and external sources with effortless precision.

Enhance operational flexibility with the Zenith Manager application, offering a user-friendly interface for direct configuration from Windows® and Android™ operating systems, reducing dependency on field controllers and streamlining workflow processes. Embrace an adaptable setup that empowers construction supervisors with heightened productivity and efficiency on site. Count on the unwavering reliability and comprehensive support of GeoMax’s industry-leading technology and expertise, propelling projects towards unprecedented levels of success. Plus, with seamless compatibility with MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius software, the Zenith16 ensures harmonious integration with industry-standard tools, further enhancing workflow efficiency for construction supervisors.


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