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How Much Does RTK GPS Cost?

RTK GPS systems are considered some of the most indispensable pieces of land surveying equipment available to surveyors and engineers. Both disciplines rely heavily on these systems for accurate positioning in their projects. It is important to understand the value that these systems provide before moving forward with a purchase.

Modern RTK GPS systems are one of the most indispensable pieces of land surveying equipment available in the market. Surveyors and engineers both rely heavily on the system and require the unit for their projects. Therefore, it is essential to understand what makes the system so valuable, what can impact the cost of a system, and how much it costs to purchase one.

What is an RTK GPS System?

RTK stands for real time kinematic, and is a precise method of calculating position based on data from GNSS satellites.

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RTK stands for real-time kinematic and is a satellite navigation receiver that takes the signals from GPS satellites to produce a precise location, often with 1cm both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the high degree of precision, alongside many other advantages, RTK GPS systems are used for construction projects, forestry, land developments and are highly prized by surveyors and engineers. 

As such, purchasing an RTK GPS system can guarantee an improved precision of measurement and ensure projects are completed successfully.

Why Are RTK GPS Systems so Valuable?

As hinted above, many advantages come with an RTK GPS system that can significantly impact projects and developments. When investing in an RTK GPS, you can expect the following: 

  • Accuracy – RTK GPS equipment helps you get as close as possible to 100% as it offers an accuracy of 0.8cm +/- 1ppm horizontal and 1.5cm +/- 1ppm in the vertical.
  • Battery Life – RTK systems come with two batteries per receiver, each with six hours of battery life. With an external power kit, your system can last between 6 and 16 hours.
  • Long Range – An RTK system can range from around 4 – 6 km in the city with no line of sight. 
  • Customizable & Programmable Options – RTK systems can perform a wide range of functions from hydrographic work to crash site forensic reporting with any software. 

Modern RTK GPS systems provide surveyors with ample opportunity to use them on various landscapes and in different scenarios, hence making them valuable investments.


What Affects The Cost of RTK GPS Systems?

Many variables can impact the cost of the systems. It is essential to consider all of them when it comes to purchasing your order. 

  • The Brand or Manufacturer – certain manufacturers are better than others because they offer a better quality system. As such, they are expected to charge more than others. It is advisable to consider the manufacturer when choosing a system as you may pay more, but get an excellent product. 
  • The Application of the System – depending on the application you need the RTK GPS for, the price can vary significantly. Consider what you plan to use it for and see how it might impact you. 
  • Whether it is Used or New – Used systems are always going to be older than newer ones. However, that doesn’t mean that used systems are any less efficient or effective. Consider the rework required for used models, as you might find valuable in some cases.  
  • Software Used – The software you need for your projects will impact the overall cost of your systems.

How Much Do RTK GPS Systems Cost?

On average, used systems can cost between $2000 to $10000 depending on their functional condition and operational status. Brand new systems from leading manufacturers can cost $15,000 or more. 

It is best to speak to your local land surveying equipment provider for more information on how much these systems can cost you.

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