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How Are GPS & GIS Used in Farming?


The wide world of RTK GPS includes many interesting and diverse applications. To learn about this interesting technology, how it works with GIS and how they benefit the agricultural sector, continue reading on down below!

What Are These Information Systems?

What is GPS? 

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an American constellation of satellites. Many Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are referred to as GPS, but only the American system actually has that name. Other notable GNSS examples include GLONASS and BeiDou, the Russian and Chinese systems, respectively. 

What is GIS?

A Geographical Information System (GIS) is a system used for capturing, recording, storing and providing information about a particular geographical location. It can show many different types of data in one location, such as distance, topography, roads, population density and other relevant factors. 

How Are RTK GPS & GIS Used in Agriculture?


Contour Mapping

A combination of RTK GPS and GIS are used to provide contour mapping services to farmers. This information allows them to choose the best layout for planting their crops and prevents unfortunate accidents due to sudden changes in elevation or terrain. 

Crop Dusting

A great way to utilize GPS is through crop dusting. Utilizing complex formulas to ensure an accurate and consistent spread of fertilizer or pesticide can help improve crop yield and overall plant health on a farm. 

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling can be done in conjunction with a GIS to provide long-term trend data and planting information. Through many planting cycles, the necessary resources can be added to the land to ensure a consistent crop yield year over year.

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